This is another love story. Second year engineering student Smriti falls in love with a guy (who she doesn't name) and after their break-up narrates the whole incident to her room-mate.

I woke up at the middle of the night by the sound of faint sobbing, sometimes getting louder. It was 2:30 am. At first I thought I was dreaming. But then when I turned to my right, I saw Smriti pushing her face down in her pillow and sniffing. I was scared. I had no idea what this was about.

I didn’t go to her. I was in a state of shock, not knowing what to do. I am always bad at handling crying people. So I got up, sat in my bed, still cuddled under my blanket as it was cold and asked timindly,

-“Hey are you ok?”

She started snobbing louder. My mind wasn’t working right. I was scared as to what has happened to my roommate at this hour of the night. I gathered the courage and got down from my bed and got into hers. I slowly moved her fingers through her hair. I didn’t talk, I just let her cry.

She got up and hugged me tight and started crying loudly. I hugged her tightly and protectively. I was getting curious but I didn’t speak anything as I knew she was in a very vulnerable state. I just sometimes spoke in the middle trying to calm her down.

After 15 minutes she stopped crying. But she still got the sobbing fits. I urged her to calm down. I took her to the washroom which was just opposite to our room and made her wash her face. I even gave her some water to drink. She was getting calm.

We didn’t go inside the room. I felt the aura might not be good for her. Instead i took two chairs and sat with her beside the water cooler in front of the window. We were just gazing out of the window. I didn’t say a word. I didn’t want her to cry again.

After around 10 minutes or so, she spoke

-“I need to talk to you, I mean I need to talk to somebody I can confide in. Please promise it will just be a secret between the two of us, and you won’t ask me any questions”

-“you can trust me. Tell me everything.”

-“I had a break-up just now”

And a tear rolled down her eye.

The End

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