first Love

A new felling in my felling in my life ilike it wait i dont its driving me crazy

Hello my name is   Eduardo, this is the story of how I made the biggest mistake of my life.  It all started an evening of december.  There was a new girl, everybody  said that she was the most beautiful  girl in town. I was so depressed, I didn't care, until I saw her in the recess it was like like an angel came from heaven and woke me up. An instant click. She  approached me. I started  to sweat.

'Hey' she said. the best thing i could think off  was  saying welcome.   the funny thing is that it worked .as we talked i could almost see my heart  beating. I had never felt that way. I could not wait to see her  again. when the recces bell rang  there she was   waiting for me. and again we talked  and talked  I was  still thinking  if she was from earth or another planet because she was too bautiful. Then we agreed to staet dating bad idea

The End

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