First Love?

She woke, not sure what had roused her - the light had dimmed , the only clue that quite some time had passed, the clock still ticked softly and music played distantly reminding her she was not far from the daily rhythms of life going on around her.

Then she felt the soft skin and breathed in the delicate scent of his hair and remembered she was no longer alone and the warmth engulfed her as she realised she would not have to be alone anymore.

A tiny hand embraced her finger and her small but perfect son opened his eyes and gazed at her sleepily , his fathers eyes, eyes she had looked at a thousand times and loved more than anything. Or so it seemed at the time- but this love washing over her and through her was different to anything she had ever felt in her life. Bittersweet because this beautiful, amazing little person was all she had left of the man she had cherished and adored for so long. A bittersweet reminder of all she had lost and all she had gained in such a short space of time.

Realising her cheeks were wet with tears she held him closer remembering the first time she saw the eyes so like the ones that seemed to bore into her very soul right then.

The End

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