First Impressions are Always Wrong

A kitchen, for most people, is a fairly normal place. We see one pretty much every day. But there's the odd person who gets lost on the way to the fridge. Or gets stuck inside a microwave, or simply drowns in that puddle of goodness-knows-what under the sink.
Well, they think they do.
But this story isn't about kitchens, food or fridges. It's about a thirteen-year old boy named Shirley, whose name is the result of a horrible misunderstanding involving a blind doctor and gullible parents.

The bus finally stopped at the side of the bumpy dirt road. Shirley stood up, and immediately sat back down when the bus driver shouted down the rows of seats:

“Sit down, kid. We’re only out of fuel again!”

This was met with a chorus of grumbles from the assorted passengers on the bus, ranging from “this is the third time so far” to things I daren’t type. Shirley shook some dust out of his mop of brown hair, then shook the dust from his hair out of his clothes.

"The map says a few more miles till your stop. Then I've got another forty to mine." The girl sighed, and we'll skip the next few hours of storyline because it'll be much the same.

The bus finally stopped at the side of the bumpy dirt road. Wait, no, we need to skip more...

"- so I'm sure you'll fit right in." finished the tall man in a grey suit, whose job Shirley was still unsure of. (Actually, we skipped to much! Never mind, you only missed a rambling speech by grey-suit-guy and someone slipping on a banana peel.) Shirley seemed unsure, as most people he'd met had simply told him to shut up. He followed grey-suit-guy down a corridor, inside St. Siegfried's Boarding School's dormitory building. He stopped at an unremarkable wooden door numbered 1268.

"This is where you'll be staying. The cafeteria is in the other building I showed you on the way in, and I'm sure someone at the reception can help you if there's any problems." Grey-suit-guy shook Shirley's hand, and marched back down the corridor, before vanishing at a corner. Shirley looked around, noted the lack of people, and pulled open the door to room 1268.

The End

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