First Impression Plots

These excerpts are from a page that i had to write for my creative writing class, the teacher would give us ideas and we'd have to write as much as we could about it in an alloted time. Mine were short because i took too much time thinking of things. just thought i'd put them down on here, maybe to help others begin a new story.


Succulent pear juice drips off your lower lip, enduced by your hunger. A gathering of delicious dark cherries with light green stems drape from a bowl. Watermelon slices bathe on a plate of their own juices. Apples swirl in a bucket, bouncing off one another, waiting to be plucked by unknown teeth...


Basking in a beam as it rips through the clouds, sending shadows shrinking smaller, droplets of sweat begin to form in the heat.


Over the oven, drool forms a puddle. i pull out a pan of fresh chocolate chip cookies. In the kitchen, the family gathers, heels high in the sky, floating towards the smell. Milk is brought out, poured into tall glasses. Who waits for them to cool?

Smell the trees

Weeping, the tree sheds another tear, falling wistfully to the ground. Another year, another season. The smell of sadness lingers when the tears fall, leaving the tree, for another winter, alone.

Things the go "Crunch"

The play is underway. I struggle, fighting my opponent, his strength, his endurance against mine. I throw him to the ground, my next goal already in sight. He stands there, waiting, for the right time to succeed, he never reaches that chance. I run full speed, my helmet placed perfectly into his rib cage. The thunderous crunch of bone vibrates through my brain, the satisfaction of an oppertunityy not wasted.

The End

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