First Fall

Its very long. LOL. Something I wrote that isn't fantastic, but interesting enough XD


"I feel like I have been living in a cave for the past four years, since I hit my teens I have been in on so much rubbish about how life is overly-complex for the human brain. Family, school, friends - the more confusing and stereotyped it is the more you are classed as normal because TV says so. This is England, 90210 is American. Should I start singing Beverly Hills by Weezer now? dont even answer that. Although it is a catchy song... but thats not my point. The problem is that there is many of us who think those exact same views that I do and long for change and order. We are supposedly portrayed in political correctness, which is moreover perplexity-"

"Halle the bell has already gone could you hurry - I need to attend a meeting." Mr Flurry interrupted curtly.

"-Sure. So to conclude, it is one hell-heck, of a messed up world we live in and if I was a fictional character with magical powers, I would change it for the better. Thankyou." My Business Studies class was ghostly, everyone was pratically dead in there seats, except for Viv, who exploded into a round of over the top applause. I gave her a thumbs up.

"Good, I suppose. Now I need you all out of here before I lose my job. And remember - the homework is due on monday morning, period 2." Mr Flurry grumbled as the whole class tried to exit through the doorway.

"Halle! Wa-ait!" Viv called after me as I dived into the crowd, dodgeing round the heaps of people to escape as soon as possible. If Viv had realised my blatantly evident plan, she would'nt have been flabbergasted on the wet slippy floor tiles with immature boys chorusing "She fell over! She fell over!".

"You could have waited!" Viv cried as I pulled her back onto her feet.

"I was going to when I found the loophole out of here!" her large hazel eyes widened as my plan registered


"Yes, oops, You numpty." I muttered with an amused smirk. Honestly, I have no entertainment in my life without Vivvy, otherwise I float around like a plastic Tesco carrier bag.

"I feel good! na na na na na na na..." I sang randomly.

"Whats to feel good about Halle?" Viv questioned sourly.

"You tell me, I just felt a surge of positivity for one dizzy moment, still bitter because you fell?"

"No." She lied "Its my parents, I swear I'm going to cut myself in half - get it over with." Viv's parents - ahem, Mr Winkle and Ms Richardson - are going through a World War 3 divorce. Its getting brutal, a custody case is in order to deliberate who loves Viv the most. Also there was absolutely no pre-nup, which isnt good for one of them and brilliant for the other, as Viv's parents are filthy rich in the money, with one summer mansion in Calafornia, one summer mansion on a Carribean Island and one summer mansion in Sydney, Australia, plus a huge money-raking airplane company to own... not to mention the line of cruises... I think they should adopt me instead. Not that I use Viv for all that, heck, we dont even clothes shop in designer stores or meet any celebs - ever! Viv despises anyone even mouthing the word "Rich", she is completely modest about her wealth. The only way she managed to convince her parents she should attend Whitcliffe Mount High School, instead of a snotty rich kids school, was insisting to aspire having a normal teenage girl's life. Look where it got her, Viv's an outcast because she's got a snobby family, and i'm her boring outcast best friend.

"Dont worry - cut me in half and save you the trouble, I would'nt mind adding the title 'Heiress' to my name..."

Viv rolled her eyes at me grumpily "I already knew that - but its not just my parents, its Tom too. What if this is the really wrong thing were about to do-"

"Viv. Viv, it is an understatement that he's interested. Its love." I pressed on

"-Love..." Viv mumbled pessimistically.

"Yes, LOVE. Tom is shy, remember? that's why he hasn't told you anything." I insisted.

We marched past the school and the many rows of houses stationed by, we ignored the usual group of morons who were standing outside the little corner shop, lighting cigerettes, gossiping, and accusing some year eight girls of being lesbians. You can clearly imagine what they came up with for me and Viv.

"Halle?" Viv asked tentatively, I sighed at her hesitant expression.


"Do you think Tom wont want me because I'm... rich? to him it could be like the rich girl going out with the poor boy." I knew what she was getting at, I'd seen it in that old eighties film Pretty In Pink. But I didn't agree at all, if you love someone it doesn't matter how wealthy you are.

"No. He will love you, money or no money. And less stressing out today, its catching on to me." Viv nodded obediantly. As the echo's of nearby Cleckheaton town muted with Viv's silance, I crept into my own thought bubble, seeing the same memory - the only memory - I have of my real parents. My mum, tall, beautiful of course, her skin milky white and her eyes the exact dark blue shade of my own. Her thin lips slipped into a smile, she twinkled at the sight of my dad arriving home through the front door. My dad's face lit up at the sight of us, he picked me up and twirled me, kissing the apples of my cheeks as I giggled in delight. Its my favourite memory. I do love my step-mum, Anahita, dearly. She's raised me from the moment my parents lost thier lives to a plane crash, they passed away when I was just three years old. I don't know much more than that, because Anahita wasn't in contact with her sister, but as soon as she heard the news she took me in.

Without warning I had drifted into the middle of the after-school-rush of cars.

I made out the faraway scream of Viv's horror "Halle!" when my exsistence began to shut down.

I plunged into the pitch-black earth beneath me, senseless, tumbling weakly and waiting to die.

"-Whats LOVE got to do with it?! Whats LOVE got to do with any of this! that word isn't strong enough of a discription for what has happened between us! the word we are searching for doesn't abide to the human race - and we wouldnt want to blend in with those FOUL, DISGUSTING HUMANS NOW WOULD WE?!" Blair Addison shrieked at her husband, Michael Myle.

"I know... I know what you are Blair, save me the innocent crap coming from your mouth. I know that you despise your own children, i'm certain that you selfishly craved my body and my money, so instead of murdering me please, please, please just take my money. I'll deal with the kids - I love them too much. I'm begging you Blair, it doesn't have to end destructively." His pleading and sincere words aggravated his hysterical wife. Blair slammed Michael's body into the bedroom wall mirror, the force of his ragdoll form to the mirror left a down fall of shimmering dust.


"Please... Blair..." Michael urged, struggling to breathe from the pool of blood in his mouth waterfalling down his limp figure on the floor.

"Till death do us part." Blair murmered, taking a pair of scissors from her dressing table. Then in one swift movement, the scissors stuck out of Michael's crimson, bare chest. A high pitched wail broke from my witnessing spot, Blair snarled in my direction.


"Halle... Halle can you hear me? oh, please wake up Halle." Anahita whimpered, her voice was on the edge of my ears, her words close enough to hang on to.


"Halle!" she rejoiced, then I felt her warm, comforting arms hold me tight. She was the best mother I could have ever wished for.

"Anahita!" I cried, actual tears were flowing uncontrollably from my sore eyes. Then my attention focused on the room. I was in a toasty hospital bed, surrounded with cards and flowers, Anahita sat at my bedside - still overjoyed by my awakening, but she sported large dark circles under her eyes, they went hand in hand with the worry lines that etched deep onto her forehead and her generally worn figure.

"What happened to me, Anahita?" I bawled feebly.

Every inch of me ached as Anahita released me from her arms, I then began to realise I was covered in deep bruises.

"Halle... we were all so worried... we thought you wouldn't..." Anahita choked on the words too emotionally painfull to tell.

"You walked out into the middle of Dewsbury Road, and the driver was on his phone. He didn't see you until it was too late, you were knocked down. Viv told us that you were in your own world, you only noticed at the very last second. The man halted once he hit you and everyone driving got out to help you with Viv. The thing is, you had stopped breathing, when the hospital called me they hinted that you had- that you didnt make it. We all began to give up, then you shocked us all when the doctors anounced your heart had started- i'm just so overwhelmed and happy to see you alive!"

I took it all in, cringing at the distress in Anahita's tone.

"What's the damage?" I inquired, trying to stear the stress away slightly.

"Your'e covered in deep bruises, a few of your ribs were broken - one totally shattered, and you managed to dislocate your left foot."

"Ouch, nothing else broken?"

"No, although you lost some blood and hit your head a little as well." She revealed to me.

I sighed, and it hurt.

"Till death do us part." Blair murmered

, my mothers words burn't into my heavy head.

"Anahita, when I... slipped into self conciousness... I saw something. A dream, or a memory. But it was too realistic to be a dream, I could smell the room, I could touch and feel the contents on my fingers. I saw my parents."

Anahita looked at me sharply, alert. Like alarm bells were blaring in her head.

"They were arguing, my mum looked extremely hysterical." I started

"And dad was trying hard to help her, make things better, but that just annoyed her more. Dad pleaded and begged... she didn't care. She pushed him with all her force into this full length mirror on their bedroom wall. And then, dad gave his last plea... and she stuck the sharp ends of some scissors right into his heart." Recalling it brought back my uncontrollable tears. Anahita was like stone in her seat. Her expression frozen.

"Anahita, please tell me i'm being silly... please!" I urged.

She straightened herself out and smoothed her features, then took my hand comfortingly.

"I'm sorry Halle. I didnt want to face facts, especially the upsetting ones. I hope you can forgive me for not telling you the truth, someday." Anahita revealed.

"No. No, mum isn't-"

"She is." Anahita confirmed.

"-Mum killed dad, MY FATHER!" I was outraged, the moniter by my bed beeped wildly.

"Halle please calm down, don't stress yourself-"

"DONT STRESS MYSELF!" I repeated angrily.

"Your father loved you more than anything else in the world, you girl's were the best thing anyone could have ever given him-"

"Girl's?" I echoed.

Then Anahita bit her lip anxiously, I had hit another secret. I could see it in Anahita's green, bloodshot eyes.

"Anahita?" I said expectantly.

"Anahita, I dont hate you for not telling me about... my parents. I forgive you. But if theres something else - I REALLY need to know now."

"You have three sisters." Anahita confessed bravely to me, I nodded, trying to keep my cool.

"T-Tell me about them Anahita." I encourged whole-heartedly.

I have three sisters.

"You have an older sister, she's seventeen years old and lives down in Kent. Her name is Demi Nicia."

I have an older sister named Venus Nicia, shes one year older than me. Noted.

"The other two are younger sisters, one is fifteen years old and lives in Dover, Kent. Her name is Saffia Rose. The other is called Pixie Nightingale, she lives in York and is thirteen years old."

I have two younger sisters, one fifteen, one thirteen. One named Saffia Rose, the other Pixie Nightingale. Check.

"Strange names. Well, so is Halle Addison I guess." I said, calmer than I was a few minutes ago.

"I suppose I should give you the full extent of home truths." Anahita told me heaving a sigh, I glared at her, puzzled by all the secrets she had harboured for so long - what exactly did they mean?

"When I tell you this, you may not find it... believable. Listen carefully and dont fly off the handle, ok?"

"Anahita, I think I have had enough flying off the handle today. I wont."

It wasn't good odds as she hesitated and fidgeted in her chair, I would try my best to be easy going.

"You're right, Halle, you've had enough for today. Rest. I'll talk to you about it later." Anahita decided unfairly.

"No Anahita I-" I stuttered

"Sleep, Halle. I'll be right here." Anahita comforted.

My eye-lids drooped involuntarily.

"Damn it." I slurred, cursing Anahita's eagle senses.

I had been desperatly waiting for Anahita to speak to me about my history, the secrets I should be in on. For the whole week and a half I have been in Dewsbury Hospital, not one more word has been uttered about my siblings and heritage. I asked Nurse Madilyn politely if she would drive me to the nearest libary - when Anahita was out of earshot - instead she accused me of having her lose her job if she did what I said! stupid, know-it-all nurse. Although when Viv tried to hoist me up it was agony, so my schemes to escape were quickly gone. But Viv's going after some information, digging when she can. I'm so happy for Viv, ecstatic since after my accident it encourged her to talk to Tom, and they both admitted to being in love with each other. Now they're a secret couple, Viv's parents wouldn't be too pleased that they're loser daughter had gone and got herself a boyfriend when dating was supposed to start the moment she left home, would they? me, Tom, Anahita and Nurse Madilyn had been sworn to secrecy.

"Anahita!" Finally, she's alone.

"Er, Viv go talk to Halle - I have to make a call." Anahita muttered to Viv, who appeared out of thin air. Anahita must think the crash made me deaf.

"Hiii Halle!" Viv greeted, she's unusually cheerfull nowadays.

"Go away Viv." I snapped, sinking down into my hospital bed. She deserves it for being unhelpfull, I encourge her to spill her soul out to Tom and this is what I get? if she shared the sunshine I might accept her wistfullness a hell of a lot better.

"Halle, you feeling depressed isn't the solution." Viv notified me, I groaned as loudly as I could manage.

"Shut up. You don't understand me at all, do you?" I indicted.

"I understand you better than you do. Actully."

"Go on then, AMAZE ME." I encourged coldly.

"Fine. You are angry-"

"OH! I didn't know that!" I said sarcastically.

"-I'm not done yet! your'e angry, bored, empty all the time. Why'd you think you eat so much? your'e feeling hollow-"

"GET OUT!" I shouted.

"-And most of all your'e scared of the truth because it can either break you or make you-"

"Vivien I think you should leave now-" Nurse Madilyn interupted the commotion.

"-Why should I? all I told her was the truth. Fine." and Viv stomped out, as aggravated as I was.

"Are you alright, Halle?" Nurse Madilyn questioned me tentatively.

"No. Leave me alone." I insisted with a broken voice, the tears were ready to streamline my face.

"Ok, Halle. Just press the green button if you need me."

I sobbed as quietly as possible into my lumpy pillow, praying for no more vistors today - except for Anahita of course. Anahita holds the key to all the knowlage I need to know, and at some point she's going to stop avoiding me. I just wish that time was now, not later. I need to know this stuff, for example, what if one of my sister's is a psychopath? and I didn't know when I found her? Anahita would be extremely sorry for not letting me in on that one. Not that i'm planning to go find my sisters. Yet. I can't exactly walk freely at this moment in time, but I swear that I will find them when can, because Vivien could be right, there's pieces of me scattered all over England and I need to fill those gaps. Plus it's extra convient that the school summer holiday's start next week, and I have that choice of leaving school or joining Sixth Form, I think my decision now centers around my family. My real family. The worst part is, dad was obviously the most fantastic dad I could ever want and I never got to tell him that, and Blair is still alive somewhere, with all her tons of money forgeting her not good enough children.

Did I really deserve this crap life?

"Halle. I'm so sorry." Anahita had entered my room hesitantly. I jumped up in my bed and listened wide eyed.

"Why?" I asked, playing dumb.

"Because it's the sillyist thing i've ever done, avoiding you for my own sanity. You need to know."

"Know what?!" I said eagerly "And, I forgive you." I added solemnly.

"Everything. Halle, was there anything you thought was... inhuman in your memory?" Anahita said slowly, she was using her eye contact thing, where she tries to percieve what the hell is going on in someone's head.

"Well, I suppose when she forcefully threw him at the mirror that was quite strange, but not really, Anahita-"

"-Whats LOVE got to do with it?! Whats LOVE got to do with any of this! that word isn't strong enough of a discription for what has happened between us! the word we are searching for doesn't abide to the human race - and we wouldnt want to blend in with those FOUL, DISGUSTING HUMANS NOW WOULD WE?!" Blair Addison shrieked at her husband, Michael Myle.

"-My mum, she said... she didn't want to blend in with 'foul, disgusting humans' - What am I, Anahita?"

"Your'e certainly not human, Halle." Anahita began "We are strange misplaced creatures, I admit. But we are the closest thing to the human race thats out there. Sort of... the outcasts."

"Story of my life." I interrupted.

"And, you remember Gavreel?" Anahita quizzed.

"Oh, yes! Gavreel who used to come here to visit you a lot? who flirts with you?"

"The very one." Anahita chuckled "He thought you were a right madam as well, but he did love you. It won't be long before he comes to talk to you about all this either. He is one of us."

"And my sisters?" I questioned.

"Yes, speaking of them, I managed to collect a few old photo's. Do you want to see them or...?"

"No, I want to see them Anahita."

"As long as your ok about taking all of this in."

"I'm fine." I asserted.

Anahita brought six photo's for me to stare at, one was the whole family's first christmas. Me at two years old, my older sister, Venus, at three, my younger sister, Saffia, at one, my youngest sister Pixie at a few months old and the parents were there too. We were all sitting in front of a stocking covered fire-place, looking like the most conventional family that ever exsisted. Cheesy smiles, the adoring look on dad's face towards his children, it's a nice, convincing photo. Then another is one of me at three years old, getting pushed on the swing really high by a four year old Venus, we both had really happy, delighted child faces. Venus was an earthy looking toddler, she had a waterfall of caramel hair to her hips, with a daisy-chain headband placed around her forehead, and grass green eyes. She sported dainty dimples when she smiled. Venus appeared shy and thoughtfull, on the first glance. I immediately warmed to her. The next photo was of Saffia, my younger sister at the age of two. She was curled up on an ocean blue sofa, napping peacefully. Her tiny coco coloured waves of hair were like a show of breaks in still water. She slept with a mixture of emotion tattered across her freckle covered profile, her full dusty rose coloured lips I could imagine twitching, ever so slightly. And my youngest sister, Pixie, wasn't many months old in any of her photo's, however what I did see from the baby photo's of her was that she had extremely light blue eyes, they were almost a grey colour. I glanced at myself, even as a kid I had very wide, circular dark blue eyes, and the roundest face to match. My hair a strange mix of light brown tones and in that inbetween state of straight and curly. But I was extremely ecstatic from what I could see, the happiest I have ever seen myself. I almost cried, me, Halle, the non-emotional rock.

"Are you ok, Halle?" Anahita said in her softest voice.

"Yes!" I insisted "I'm fantastic! these photos are really, the best. Thanks. By the way." I sniffed sharply and grinned until my mouth ached.

"Good, because i'm going to help you." Anahita said sluggishly enough for me to question.

"In what way?" I asked suspiciously.

"Well, firstly, i'm going to make a headstart on your 'miracle' recovery. For instance." Anahita held my rib cage with both of her hands, then I began to feel a rush of heat through my whole body, encouraging sweat to leak from my face, hands, absolutely everywhere.

"What are you doing?!" I wheezed, wide eyed at the strange sensation.

"Fixing your ribs securely. You'll thank me later - this also tends to weaken deep bruises." Anahita explained shortly after five minutes of intense warmth.

"Water!" I begged in desperation. She tore one hand away from my waist to pick up the bottle of spring water she carrys around in her handbag, she passed it to me effortlessly, then moved on to my left foot.

"Do you need to do that on my head as well?!" I demanded shakily.

"Yes, but that will be for a very short time." Anahita answered coolly.

"So - how does this work - you - healing me with your magical hands?" I stammered "Really - are you Jesus incarnated?"

"Ha! thats a good one!" Anahita laughed at my suprisingly serious question.

"No - really - how do you do it?" I stuttered curiously.

"Er, well, it's tricky to take in, i'll explain it the best I can." Anahita warned me.

"I'm a big girl Anahita."

"Are you? the hard, step-daughter I just witnessed starting to actully cry has completely vanished and been replaced by an adult, then?"

She knows me too well.

"Yes. She was never there to start with." I insisted through gritted teeth. She smirked behind my size seven feet.

"Anyway, as I was born in the Earth element state, I tend to have a motherly, adaptable, presence in life. Coming back to motherly, i'm also refering to mother nature. So if I adapt my body's climate and strengths to your's, meaning when we touch I gain all of your power into my palms, and quickly it flows through to the rest of me. Therefore I sort of take a slice of you, and use that extra added slice in me to help your body work faster through your injury's." She interpreted, but none of it didn't yet make sense to me, so I waggled my thirty-five degrees celsius foot in bafflement.

"What do you mean by you, being the Earth element?" I coaxed.

"Ah, I didn't tell you that part did I," Anahita shook her head disapointedly at herself. "Well, in our race, we are divided into four different species. Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The four elements. What do you know about the four elements, Halle?"

I tried to think hard about all the horoscope specials from teen magazines that Viv had thrusted into my face, I always assumed it was non-sense, for people who want to believe in forseeing how fantastic tommorow could be because today was crap. Or maybe it was the unrealisticness of some stranger you had known for a nano-second could see exactly what you were thinking, and how you acted everyday. I'm sure the elements always crop up in that subject, so that must mean that I am...


"I don't know a lot about them, just that they're associated with horoscopes. And I think the elements are what divide a person's personility into those four groups by how they act, is that correct?"

"You're on the right track, except it isn't rubbish like you seem to think. Forget the horoscopes part for one moment, the elements are the key here. As you say there are four categories, and our species is split by them. The vital part about knowing your element is it tells you who you are, exactly what you can do, and what you relate to. For example, I am the Earth element, so I naturally have a motherly prose and I am also very persistent and hardworking, when I want to be. I try my best at most things, but get cowardly when stuck in a frightening place in my life. Do you agree with that assesment? honestly answering."

"Yes. You were scared about talking to me this week, you avoided me. But you're a great mother, you always know what's best for me and you not ever give up on me. Which also shows hard work and persistence." I told her with truth.

"And of course, being earth I have a few... 'powers'." Anahita mentioned slowly, and finally she released me from her burning hands. I sat up in my hospital bed effortlessly, I checked my foot and it angled easily with not one single sting of pain. I definatly felt fixed and healthy, which is a huge improvement compared to twenty minutes ago.

"What powers?" I asked eagerly.

She hesitated, then shook it off.

"All the elemental people gain 'powers', depending on which part you are born as. You know that I can communicate with any living thing on Earth as a sibling of mother nature?"

"What, really? so you could really talk to... a fish, or something?" I wasn't quite sure what to believe anymore.

"Exactly that. I'm being serious." She assured me.

"I knew that, it's just so much to get around. But I want to know, carry on."

"Well, this other 'power' isn't with every other Earth element, as I was born to mother and care for children. It's in my blood, passed down. It's given me the power to sense those closest to me how they feel. It helps me tell how to care towards them. Only a few of the Earth people have this gift. Your sister, Venus, has the gift."

"Venus is Earth?" I said with keen interest now.

"Yes, Saffia is Water, and Pixie is Air. You, are Fire." Anahita explained simply.

"Fire? What can Fire do?" I asked excitedly.

"Put one hand on top of the other." Anahita instructed "Then place them both - still on top of each other - onto this magazine." I followed her instructions, the moment both my hands were placed onto Anahita's gossip magazine, the magazine set on fire.

"Whoa what the-?!" before I could properly panic Anahita had set it out. Power number one, the heat from my body can set things on fire.

"You did that once, when you were five years old." Anahita informed my astonished face.

"What else can I do?" I persisted, trying to remain calm.

"You have endless amounts of energy, so much that you can live without breathing for up to hours and hours."

I endeavored a whole five minutes without having to take one single breath, it was true. Although it didn't appear natural to me as i'm used to the flow of breathing.

"Plus, I can't be certain on this one because i've never exprienced being the Fire element... I'm told that it can be very passionate when you're in love. The Fire element has some uncontrollable desires for the opposite sex, mind you, not just anyone. They seek their soulmate, and anyone else is a blur in the background. The funny thing is with Fire, they don't fail to have plenty of admiration from the opposite sex, and they tend to stay away from those who look, but don't talk, or touch. They adore an opposite."

"Don't worry Anahita, it doesn't look like i'm going to be falling in love anytime soon." I said with a sad smile.

I hate thinking about my dating history, sixteen years old and never been kissed, or taken out on a date. I'm a pretty rubbish excuse for a teenager.

"I'm not sure I can agree with you on that. Still, there's a lot to explain further in our species, like the history, and a petite part of its culture - you already know most of it, it's simular to England." Anahita said, although I wasn't following her.

"Wait, there's a place?"

"Terre Des Anges, its French for Land of the Angels."

My jaw dropped to the floor.

Then both of our heads snapped around as Viv entered the room.

"Can I tell Viv?" I whispered quickly.

"She already knows," Anahita pratically shouted "Don't you Viv?"

"Yep." Viv answered proudly "I knew there was something unhuman about you lot, and you, Anahita, told me all about it, today! thank's for letting me in on that."

A fresh batch of anger rushed like poison through me, VIV KNEW BEFORE I KNEW?!

"She's going to explode, look how red she's turned!" Viv pointed at my - what must have been - crimson face.

"Calm down, please Halle." Anahita pleaded.

"Last. To. Know." I mumered through my gritted teeth "And, WHY DOES VIV KNOW?"

"Because she's sticking with us, she's like a daughter to me and a sister to you. Plus she's sixteen, pratically an adult, she can make her own mind up."

"But she's... human." I tried weakly.

"Human? get over this stupid arguement Hall's, were best friends. I'm sorry about earlier, ok?"

I heaved a huge sigh, bigger than any of Anahita's, and gave in.

"I suppose I do need my dim-witted best friend. I'm sorry too Viv. Sorry for blowing up like that. It's fustrating, thats all." I paused, thinking about what had been said over the past hour.

"Now, we dont have much time-" Anahita interupted my thoughts, so I butted into her words.

"Time for what? what are we doing?"

"-We have to leave, here, England." Anahita informed me, I sat there befuddled by all this sudden movement.

"Yes, why? why do we have to leave England? we can go back to normal, were comfortable here. Why move? and where would we go anyway? were hardly rolling in money, Anahita. So what the hell are we doing?"

"Moving." Anahita pressed simply. Viv nodded in eager acknowlagement, I scowled at her openly.

"I know that! Why?"

And as if by magic, a tall, handsome man with dark flicky auburn hair, astonishing grey eyes and a perfect pearly smile entered the little, dull hospital room.

"Gavreel! great timing." Anahita greeted Gavreel, grinning happy as larry. She kissed the angelic man on both of his cheeks in speedy time, then Gavreel followed her wary gaze towards me.

I took a sneaky peek at Viv from the corner of my eye, she was also staring unintentionally at Gavreel's gorgousness. He's not bad looking for thirty years old, actully, from what I remember from seeing him other times, is that he never seems to age.

"Gavreel, Halle. Halle, Gavreel." Anahita introduced us "And thats Viv, she's Halle's best friend and she's dating your son."

"TOM?" Me and Viv said in shock unison. We didn't consider his family before, who would have thought?!

"Tom is one of us." Anahita confirmed "He was working here to watch you, Halle, to make sure you didn't go out of control in public."

"Thank's a lot." I muttered "It's nice to know you trust me."

"And he goes and fall's in love on his mission." Gavreel added half-heartedly, i'm not sure if Viv's got the seal of approval yet. Viv let out a sigh of relief though, knowing that even though she was human he still loved her. I envy Viv so much, the girl has it all.

"It can't be helped, Gavreel, you know that better than anyone." Anahita reminded him of something neither me or Viv was in on, and frankly, I didn't want to know if it involved my step-mother.

"Well his mission's over, thats for sure." Gavreel grumbled in his godly voice.

"And now for the escape plan that was supposed to begin five minutes ago." I butted in, making sure my guests were not feeling delusional.

"I was just getting to that part myself, mademoiselle Halle." oh, I remember, Gav's a big fan of french.

"Yes, we need to leave." Anahita stated "Now. We don't have a lot of time."

"Why don't we have a lot of time?" I demanded, jumping freely out of the hospital bed.

"You can walk!" Viv pointed in amazement.

"Well duh. Didn't Anahita tell you anything, Viv?"


"Children please, this is not the time." Gavreel contended.

"Children?!" Me and Viv repeated.

Anahita stepped in with a booming, attention holding "SHUT UP!"

Stunned silance over-flowed the tiny hosptial room.

"Now," Anahita commenced "We are going to Terre Des Anges, no buts-" I opened my mouth to speak and hastily closed it.

"-and we are going now."

"How?" I buzzed, rummaging my brain for an answer that I could understand.

"By plane, how else?" Anahita said with a teasing smile.

I sulked while both Anahita and Gavreel smirked at my expense.

Viv shot me an understanding glance to my relief that someone was on the same page as me, no matter how offended I was of her knowlage on the situation.

"But," I began with not an excuse, an actual question "What about my sisters?"

Gavreel and Anahita exchanged glances I couldn't understand, while Viv stared wide-eyed at the three of us with curiousity. I can't believe between me and Viv, I'm the one who had to be unhuman. Although thinking back to my fire powers and god knows what else I can do, me being part of the element species has it's advantages.

Plus, I may get to know my real family, I've wondered on the subject long and hard, however with my mother being a headcase, I just want to be in touch with my sisters.

All sixteen years of my life Anahita could have told me, I could have known. Then again, I might not like what I meet. I have three sisters!

"We can tell her Gavreel." Anahita admitted to Gavreel with another of her concerened looks towards me.

"Tell me what?!" I demanded furiously.

"Gavreel has been to see them. Explain, what's going on."

"AND?" I cried in fustration, I HATE suspense.

"They want to meet. Of course they do, we decided that the four of us will set off to Terre Des Anges, and we will see them their at our new home."

I'd heard it all then. I felt like I was in a dream world.

And, as I thought about it, I really was in a dream. My life was clearly over.

The End

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