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It had all started on the fifth of April. Innocently, quietly, and disguised in a veil of certainty. 

Many had wondered years afterward if the events that unfolded within a few months of the date were ever fully understood by any one individual.

Even those fully submerged within them, however, could attest otherwise. They were, and always would remain, a mystery waiting to be told.


A shrill ringing reminiscent of a scream pulled Kate from her sleep abruptly, quickly followed by the sound of her bed frame rattling and a plug being pulled harshly from its outlet. 

She leaned back onto her pillow, sighing and running a hand over her face. Three extra shifts and a problem with the heating had made things a living hell, not to mention a growing set of symptoms reminiscent of the flu.

God, life just wouldn't get any worse.

 Kate sighed again but managed to pull herself out from under the covers, too awake to let her day off go to waste. A quick shower and change of clothes later and she was jogging down the hall and to the lift, doing up her shoes as she did. 

The elevator dinged when it reached the lobby, sliding open with a bit of persuasion. Katarina pulled her white-blonde hair into a long ponytail as she walked towards the main doors, eager to enjoy the somewhat sunny weather outside.

"Katarina Abromovich?"

She pivoted on a foot, taking in the disinterested-looking clerk sitting at the counter. A multitude of thoughts invaded her mind momentarily, mainly filled with dread at the thought of yet another issue with the building. 

They were all interrupted and forgotten, however, when Kate noticed the cream-coloured envelope in the secretary's outstretched hand. 

The End

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