First Dida Of A Bla

What happens if you land on Earth for a vacation and things go wrong?

When Morpheus took me in His arms, I don’t think I remember. My eyes opened at a mild vibration. Though the shock-absorber was in perfect working condition, I had switched it off intentionally.

What I saw after opening my eyes, I think nothing could ever be more wonderful than that. I saw that a little far away was my so dear earth. Though I had witnessed this panoramic view many a times before, but still it seemed like she was dressed more beautifully today. Today, after five years..... as to the calendar of this Earth, approximately after ten years..... I am back here. May be for that reason She is looking absolutely astonishing.

Now after switching on the shock-absorber, I sped down towards the Earth in my spaceship.

After descending a few hundred meters, I heard the monitor-speaker in its mechanical tone, “Ready for landing”. I pressed on a little green-colored switch. The countdown began, ‘Ten, nine, eight…., three, two, one, zero’.

I had a smooth landing. Where I landed, long ago the place was known as India. I read that in the ‘True Stories of the Olden Times’. At that time there were nearly two hundred countries! If you think of it now, it is really amazing. Because when so many countries are replaced by only six countries, one can’t say its not striking. I read in the same book that at some horrible moment of time between 2000 and 3000 anno domini, everything was destroyed in a Great World War. Then the Earth was rebuilt and the six continents were reconstructed into six countries.

But these talks can be left aside. When I stepped out of my spaceship, in a moment I was crestfallen. Because my leave is just for a bla. I will not be able to enjoy the beauty of this land for more than the granted span of time in this tour. The period of three days and nights is called is called a bla. I heard that long ago the period of the period of one day and night was called a ‘day’. Now the term is replaced by dida.

After parking my spaceship, I got out of the terminal. Outside, I pressed a button on my wristwatch. After sometime, something looking like the hovercrafts of the bygone days stopped in front of me. It was a cab. I boarded that thing and put in my destination on the dashboard. Without delay, the hovercraft (?) took a spin on its axis and was lost in time. In less than a microsecond, I traveled more than thirty miles and was now standing near my anti-gravity floating house. After paying the fares, I got out from the cab. Then I punched a code number on my belt. Instantly, an elevator came out of the door. With the help of that I entered the house. But what I saw after getting in, my eyes couldn’t believe.

I saw that the neon anti-invader-proof red bulb, which was in front of me, was brightly glowing. And below the bulb was written in bright red letters ... BLA 107:00 DIDA. It meant that someone has entered this house 107 blas ago. This is a very serious matter. If something happens to me now, I, the innocent, will have to bear all the trouble. Even if I die now my boss insert me into the life-span-back tube to restore my life; and then he will put me into the irritation tube (the name suggests the work it does). In fact, in today’s time to even think of death is very painful. I heard that in olden days, to die was as easy as anything. But today… life-span-back tube… irritation tube… ewe!

But now the million- dollar question is, “Who was there inside my house?” No one could have entered through the door. It was still in one-piece and also the fact the door opens with only one switch and the switch being still with me, helps in rejecting the idea. But this neon bulb only glows when someone touches the inner side of the door. This house also hasn’t got any windows. What’s there is, in almost near the ceiling of this house which is of course very high, some very tiny clean-air inletors. And they are so small that it is impossible for a human to get in. the same applies even for animals. But yet, the red bulb is glowing. For a moment, I thought there might be some problems in the circuit, only to find myself wrong when I checked it.

Suddenly I felt a shiver as cold as cold steel running down my spine. What will happen if I am put inside the chamber of an irritation tube? My whole body ... eyes, face, arms, legs ... experiencing a painful burn…

No, no, I don’t want such an experience. Right then I turned for the offices of the public-help-squad. When I poured my problems, they said that they will send some men to my house when the sun is past of the horizon.

Now it was sun above head time. My heart didn’t want to be all alone in the house till sun-at-horizon. So I went to a big food centre. While eating, I noticed some faces that would scare the hell out of anyone. Looking at them, I thought one of them might have invaded my home. But how was it possible? ’Cause the clock that was below the red bulb was still ticking. If someone enters the house, except from the front door, the clock starts immediately and after exactly one minute, my invader-searcher-and-detector camera takes a snap of the uninvited.

That’s it! I rushed out of the food centre after paying my bills for the half-eaten dish. From there hiring a cab, I came straight to home. Without losing any moment, I switched onto the show-picture mode of the camera. After sometime the image that unfolded itself in the picture-screen surprised me considerably; I still cannot figure out how it ever came here.

Now I was seated inside my spaceship. I have completed my one bla’s vacation and nothing notable happened except the visit form the men of the public-help-squad in the sun-just-passed-horizon time. But still I can’t believe what I saw that day. That day in the camera’s picture-screen I saw where from (?) a spider came and was sitting in the door with its legs wide-spread. Its appearance was like that the hole universe was its private property. Now you say, after seeing all these, is there still no reason for me to get surprised?

The End

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