First Day Of Summer

The gentle sea breeze circled its way up and around the isolated beach. It was almost dawn, the sun rising on the horizon. The cloudless sky turned from a hazy pink to an aqua blue as the sun cast its first rays of the day onto the golden beach. A boat floated on the water close by, its shadow casted a dark colour onto the deep sea as the sun rose higher.

"I found one, I found one!"

I turned to look at my little brother, his gentle blue eyes dazzling with delight. He held up a shell, no bigger than a fifty pence piece. I dusted off the last grains of sand before handing it back to him.

"You have to look after that." I told him.

He nodded with excitement before bounding towards the edge of the water, the sun radiating onto his bronze hair. The light waves brushed against his ankles as he delicately washed the shell in the glistening blue sea. It shone iridescent in the water, with light pink lines swirling around to the tip. Every year I would bring him to this beach, he would find a shell and we agreed that it would mark our own first day of summer. As he trudged back up the beach through the plush yellow sand, he held out the pearl white shell in the palm of his hand.

"Does it mean its summer now?" The sun shone brightly onto the shell, causing it to send shards of pink and white light up his arm and onto his face.

"Yes." I nodded, and he smiled back, eyes sparkling in the fluorescent light. 

The End

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