First Day of Highschool

This story is about a girl (me) who is just starting out highschool.

Here comes the bus. I'm not ready. Were will I sit? Do my friends hate me? Will anyone let me sit by them? I am so not ready for this. Will this be another one of those high school  gone wrong moments? The bus is coming closer, what will I do? Do I have the right outfit on? Does my breath smell okay? Does my hair have any knots in it? Did I remember deodorant? Okay I did. Here the bus comes. Okay I am getting on now. Did I just really trip up those stairs? Do I hear laughing? I scan the bus, I know some people on here. OH NO! I see the guy that I used to talk to over the summer. Does he remember me? What is my name? Oh yea it is ******. Should I ask him if he remembers me? No, keep walking. Here is a nice empty seat! Yea I will just sit by myself on the first day, that's just a great first impression! At least I have my personality and my looks. Oh who am I kidding? My personality is a no go, and even if I did have good looks that shouldn't matter. At least not to me anyway. I just wont cause attention to myself. For every class I will just sit in the back of the class. Which friends do i have for classes again, doesn't matter. Loners got to be alone right? Right? Oh my gosh here comes the school. My stomach had butterflies, am I about to throw up? Okay almost time to get off of the bus, here we go! I'm off, and it feels amazing outside. Let's go into the school I guess. Now let's go figure out how to get to my first class. Hey there is a girl I used to hang out with, we walk to class together. All of my classes drag by, but finally the day is over! That was not as bad as I thought it would have been! There is also plenty of cute guys to choose from! ( When I was telling this story I started feeling the butterflies in my stomach all over again! Enjoy!) 

The End

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