Clover High: The Basement

I don’t know how long we waited for Snap, it felt like hours. Finally we heard pounding on the door. Frederick yanked it open and in staggered Snap with a limp figure in his arm.
Oh my God.I breathed.
I couldn’t find the girls.Snap said haltingly,gasping for air. The school shook again. Waitaminute, This is an tornado not an earthquake!
“We must get to the basement!” Frederick yelled, ushering us down the dark stairwell.
The flight of stairs seemed never-ending. All I could hear was Snap’s harsh breathing in my ears, I could see absolutely nothing.
And then suddenly it ended, and I fell.
“Watch the last step.” Said Frederick. “It’s missing.”
Thanks a whole lot.
“Are you OK, Rianne?” Snap’s voice asked from above me.
“I suppose so.” I said. “Where are the lights?”
I heard shuffling and then the room was illuminated. Well, not quite illuminated just less dark than before.
“That’s all the light down here?!” Snap demanded sounding annoyed.
“Yup.” Frederick said.

The End

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