Clover High Lunch Menu: Tornado Soup

There was the usual stampede of starving students when the bell for lunch rang. I hung back a little because none of my friends had the same lunch as me. I arrived at the cafeteria to see that there was not one table left, except one.
I must admit I was quite relieved when I saw who was sitting there, he was the only person sitting there.
Snap, Still wearing his sunglasses inside.
“Hey. Do you mind if I sit here?”
He looked up. “No.”
There was a collective hush about the cafeteria. Apparently Snap always sits alone. The silence was shattered with a scream, one that was mine.
Snap stared at me. Then his head snapped around to see what I was looking at. Through the window was a continuously twirling and twisting column of wind approaching at alarming speed.
“Tornado!!” Someone bellowed. “RUN!!”
I was frozen, I couldn’t move. Snap grabbed my hand and started running. At first he was pulling me along but once he got me moving I felt a surge of adrinaline and sprinted alongside of him.


The End

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