Clover High: Room 204

Snap bent over and picked up my stuff. “Are you o.k?”
“I’m fine.” I said taking it from him. “Thank you.”
“Ignore the cheerleaders, they’re a lost cause.” He nodded at Dylan. “Do you need directions?”
“Um, yeah.” Dylan said.
Yes! For once it wasn’t me!!
“Where are you going?”
“Er.. Science, room 204.” Dylan mumbled.
“Oh, you have Mr. Corina. He’s awesome.” Snap grinned at me. “Come on I’ll show you.”
Mr. Corina’s room turned out to be at the end of the hallway and around the corner.
Snap opened his mouth to say something but the bell rang and cut him off.
“Well, see you around, Rianne.” he nodded at Dylan than walked off towards his next class.
Rianne. I kinda like that.
“_He spoke to me.
” Dylan breathed, like a star struck child.
I rolled my eyes and headed inside the classroom.
My eyes widened Mr. Corina had decorated it to look like a jungle, with real plants and stuffed animals.
“You must be Dylan and Marianne.” said a voice behind us. “Take your seat and we’ll begin class.

The End

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