Meeting Snap

I stared at him. What does he want?
“Are you having trouble with your locker?” he asked, his voice deep and rumbling.
“Um, yeah.” I really need to stop doing that.
“Here let me help you.” He reached over and spun in the combination then, hit the door with his fist. He pulled on the handle and it popped open.
I was surprised. “How did you know my combination?”
He grinned. “This used to be my locker. I’m Snap by the way, Sophmore.” he stuck out a hand.
“I’m Marianne, Freshman.” I shook it. “But everyone calls me Mary. Your name is Snap?”
My mind blanked. “Um, well thanks for your help.”
“Anytime. I’m always around, if you need me just snap.” Then he was gone.
Well that was interesting.
I shoved my stuff in my locker, and closed it to find Dylan standing behind the door.
“You were talking to Snap.” he stated.
“Um, yeah.” I NEED to stop that!
“He never talks to anyone, he’s like, the school mystery.” Dylan said looking at me in awe.
“Oh. Well he only helped me with my locker.”

The End

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