First Day At Clover High

Has anyone wondered why people refer to Cleveland when talking about something boring? I have. So I went and did some research on it.
Mary lived in Cleveland and went to Clover High School.
She had three close friends, Callie, Dylan and Michelle. This is her story.

I walked down the halls of Clover High, Home of the Lucky Ducks. (KILL ME NOW ) Of course Clover High being a high school, it comes with all the stereotypical high school social classes. There’s The Jocks, The Nerds, The Bookworms, The Emos, and so on.
So I go to my locker and put in the combination. Just my luck, it’s stuck. At that moment a guy comes up to me and leans against the locker next to mine. He looks pretty mysterious. I mean, who wears sunglasses inside a building?

”’Sup.” he said.
“Um, hey.”

The End

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