First DateMature

"Whoa whoa whoa, don't you look at me with those eyes... those hypnotic eyes." I bit my lip as his dreamy eyes stare into mine, oh how they stared. It was as if a river of all my favorite chocolates just suddenly appeared in my home, and it was perfectly sanitary to jump into and just get fat in. So I took out my ice-cream scoop and forced it under his left eye. As he shouted from the metallic, cold scoop pushing his eye out, blood squirted onto my face. Oh how steamy that got me! I could just cut his belly open and wrap his intestines around me and cuddle with his organs. Oh my pussy got wet from these thoughts, I forgot about the left eye I just scooped. "YOU... YOU..." before he could finish, I took a butcher knife out of my bra and grabbed his forehead."Say ah" I asked, licking the blood from off his face. Tossing the ice-cream scoop onto the floor the left eye rolled away. My hand reached for his tongue, grabbing it I chopped it off with a swift blow from the butcher knife. Blood gurgled out of his mouth as I bit his neck.Blood soaking my breasts, I ripped my shirt off and cut open his chest. I wrapped his intestines around me and ripped my shorts off. I began to masturbate furiously as he tried shrieking without a tongue. Getting even hornier, I unzip his pants and begin to lick his cock. As it hardened I saw my chance and chopped it off. I used it as a dildo, shoving it in my bloody pussy, for I was on my period. That hardened cock began to soften up inside me, leaving me a little angered and sad."YOU GET SOFT ON ME?" I shouted as he cried blood. As I slit his throat, cutting it open even more, I take the softened cock out of me and shove it in his throat. I rubbed my breasts against his liver, after I took it out of course. I squeezed them, causing blood to be milked out. "Mmm" I moaned, as I licked his liver. I took the cleaver then tossed it away. Then I took a pocket knife out of my date's pockets and shoved it inside my eager pussy. Oh how much I moaned those sexy moans, oh how much pleasure this cold steel brought me. I masturbated furiously as I thrust the blade harder and faster inside me, mixing period blood with non-period blood. I finally squirted my bloody cum onto his fresh corpse. Oh how thrilling that was, first dates are always amazing.

The End

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