First Bus Ride to Army Base

You tried to scare me,

Entering the bus,

Entering the bus,

I don't know you,

You definitely don't know me,

Where are those damn headphones?

Music will make all my worries go away,

Will they?

Will they make 'em all go away?


I remember all of you,

New faces chat about new things,

Maybe I should join,

No no,

I will not pull out those white wires from my ears,

See evil,

Speak evil,

Hear no evil,


Close my eyes,

Wide awake,

Letting the tunes slide through my consciousness,


I hear on my Sweeney Todd soundtrack,

Open eyes,

See evil,

"Welcome to Ketziot Base"


Five hard months,

A driving premonition,

You should know,

I found peace,

I found my way,

Goodbye Ketziot


The End

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