Tony : Street Race.Mature

I was speaking to the boss.. after 5 years of prison. "I've got a proposition for you" said Jimmy the boss. "I'm listening". I said. "Well, there's a street race going down three streets away from here and I want you to participate". "Me?? Why me?". "Because I want to see that you've still got it in you". I walked off towards the car. "Where you going?" Daniel Said. "Boss has put me in a street race.. come if you want to". I said. Daniel and I jumped into the car and drove off towards the race meeting.

As we arrived we got a load of dirty looks from the racers. We parked up near the start line. "Hey man.. It's $15,000 wager.. your either in or you fuck off home to your mama". Said the race organizer Timmy. I handed him the money and lined up. A woman stood in front of the cars and raised her arms and shouted, "ON YOUR MARKS,GET SET,GO!!". There was a screech of tyres and the race began

There was four cars racing. A Nissan 350z (John),A Nissan Skyline R-34 (Me),A Toyota Supra (Nick) and a Mazda Rx-7 (Billy). About a quarter mile down the road the first corner came up. With John being in first he attempted to drift the corner but didn't succeed and span out. The other three cars made it round. "C'mon car you can do this!" I shouted. Next corner and I managed to drift it. Billy had overtaken me as I drifted the corner and I was now in 2nd place. As I sped up I remembered about the turbo lag, I would need this on the straight. As we approached the straight police had made a roadblock with their cars.

"Shit shit shit!" Daniel said in a worried tone. I put my foot down, hoping to hit the boot of the coppers car. As I sped towards the police cruiser it pulled away giving me enough space to squeeze through. Billy and Nick at this time had crashed into the cars and are now being arrested. We cruised to victory. Applause came from the crowd and horns were tooted. "Here's your winning's man, $60,000". Timmy said.. handing me the money. Daniel and I jumped back into the car and drove back to the warehouse. As I parked up inside the warehouse I got my winning's out. Jimmy ran downstairs. "What did you get?". Jimmy squealed. "$60,000". I told him. "I think we shall put that towards a new car for you Tony my lad". "Well gee.. thanks boss".

The End

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