Daniel: Moving HouseMature

We had to pack our things from our houses, the cops would be outside knocking on our doors within minutes if we stayed at home. We stopped outside my house first.

 It was a normal detached house, the paint on the outside was green and flaking. It didnt matter to me now, i wont be able to return to it after this. I rushed in and got my stuff: my ammo, my weapons from the closet and other provisions that i would need, such as my laptop.

I ran right back outside and jumped into the car and we drove off towards Tonys house, we came outside a block of flats. I'd expect someone like him to atleast have more money to get a normal house. He ran inside and came out minutes later with a bag full of stuff, dumped it into the boot and drove off through some alleyways.

Eventually we came across some old abandoned warehouse, mostly all of the windows were smashed and you could see the dirt on them from miles away. We drove up to the doors, some guy with a gun came out and noticed Tony's face, immediatly he yells "alright mate!"

On that the doors opened, quite quickly and smoothly and we drove inside and parked. After we got out of the car, Tony seemed to know where he was going. I kept behind Tony as i have never been in a place like this before.

Looking around i saw lots of abandoned boxes of god knows what in here, with their dust covers over them. They could be food thats years over its sell by date or something. After going through many corridors we get to a door, Tony gives it a knock and opens it. A guy, who seems to be the boss of this place just got a smile on his face and got out of his seat and walked over...


The End

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