Tony : Cop Chase.Mature

Siren's blared as I sped down the motorway. Daniel was constantly checking the side mirror for the cops gaining on us. We was ahead for about 5 minutes and then we was boxed in my the cops. "Shit man we're boxed in" Daniel shouted. I didn't reply, he just handed Daniel a Semi-Automatic and told him where to shoot on the cars. As the police shouted for me to stop I span round in the middle of the road and shouted for Daniel to shoot at the Grille of the car. The car went up in flames and smoke and took off into the air taking out fellow police officers behind him.

"Oh yeah that was fucking awesome!" Daniel Shouted. As I sped up the three patrol cars blocking my side and front sped up with me. "What's this car running on?" I asked. "It's a 4.2 litre 16 valve with an APR Exhaust and a K&N Air Filter , Double Ecu with a Street Tune, 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, 0-100 in 5 seconds flat". As Daniel Explained his car I had got in front of the box and was ready to spin. "SPIN NOW!" Daniel Shouted. As I span Daniel fired at the three police grilles and got perfect shots on them all. I span back round and started to speed off. "Watch out though.. This car has a spot of turbo lag" Daniel said. We sped off down the road with no cops behind us.


The End

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