Firmware AssassinMature

In the city of New York, a man named Tony is on death row for crimes he commited, and he is going to be broken out.

My car was parked outside of death row, i was here for one reason, and im going to leave with that one reason. Tony was caught during a job, and i was going to break him out of there.

The building looked like death itself, let alone the amount of people dying inside, the cracks along side the wall, showed its weak spots. The people i could hear screaming from the electric chair, most of whom are innocent.

I planted the charges by the wall, and ran back to my car, and got ready.

As i clicked the detonator the explosion and dust clouds filled the air, and i ran in and sprayed my machine gun at anything wearing police uniform, and grabbed my guy, he pushed me off and waited by the wall. I handed him a gun and he didnt get into the car straight away, he waited by a wall at first, as a cop ran past he clothes lined him, then grabbed his hair viciously shoved the pistols barrel in his eyes and blasted it to kingdom come. After that he just crouched behind some cover dropping them like flies, i joined in.

We shot our way through to the car, i threw my keys to him, he slides over the bonnet, and shoots, and gets a cop in the neck then and jumps into the drivers seat. He started the car, revved the engine and speeded off down the road. We were coming up to the city now, and it was just one long cop chase.

The End

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