Fireworks of Music

Sitting on the cold roof we stared up into the sky, watching and waiting as the show began. No one talked as we waited anxiously to experience for ourselves the show of beauty.The colors shoot into the sky, colliding with the web of music that extends far out above the city. The colors explode as they connect with the music, speeding across the sky as they reverberate along the music. The sounds of the spectacle rain down on the other watchers in the street as the colors fill the weave and begin to fall. As we watch the colors fall back to the ground we see that they slow, seeming to float for a moment, before rocketing back up into the sky. The colors were constantly changing, flowing from blue to purple to red to orange and so on, filling the sky with a show so spectacular and beautiful that it could hardly be believed. They traveled along the path of the music, dancing to its every beat, dancing to the music that they created.

But not only were the colors spectacular, but the music that filled the air was simply euphoric. The perfect harmonious combination that could only be achieved by the mending of music and color, so perfect that all other musics and sounds paled in comparison. The sounds that reverberated were so perfect, so filling and satisfying that no one could possibly have a complaint. For not only was the sound perfect, it was different to every person, their true nature being reflected in the music they heard.

We stayed up on the rooftop all night long, watching the show and listening to the music, free of our worries and responsibilities. Not a one of us wanted to go back inside, for none of us wanted to remember that this may be our last night in the city. We just relaxed and enjoyed the company of each other and the girls as we spent the night worry free and full of peace, allowing ourselves this one luxury in this amazing city. As the colors began to fade and the music grew quieter we all stood and stretched out, deciding to retire to our rooms, the girls going inside as the rest of us jumped from the roof and crossed to our rooms across the road at the Jumping Jack. I was the last to arrive at the inn, and looked back across to the roof of the Ladies Maid. I could see Hiria staring out her window at me, a hint of a smile shining through her mask of indifference. I smile and wave to her and she returns my wave and then disappears from my sight as i back into the inn, watching her empty window as the the closing door blocks it from view.

The End

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