A Way In

Walking around I tried to remember who would be able to help me. Almost everyone I knew came to mind. But most of the people who could help me where ether dead or so intoxicated that they didn’t even remember their own name, much less how to get into the castle and out with skin still attached.

“Got anything for me now, Poppy?” someone’s old, diminishing voice called out.

“Who are you?”

“It’s only been a couple of hours and you’ve forgotten me already? Tat, tat, tat.”

“I might remember you if you told me who you are.”

“Peg-leg.” A shadow stood up and hobbled over to me.

Stepping back I relied that it was Peg-leg. Mostly it was his smell, which was like a muck keep in the middle of summer; and the hobbling of a man who had only one good leg and a stick of wood for the other. Then suddenly, it was as if lighting had struck me.

Peg-leg had anything and everything in his hole of a home. He had fancy jewels to matches, and he had what I needed. Maps.

“Hello, old man.”

“Hello, thin child.”

“I’m not a child.”

“Then how old are you?”

“I don’t know but what I do know is that I’m old enough not to be called a child.”

“Fine. Now do you have something to sell?”

“How about trading?”

“What do you want to trade for?”

“First I need to see if you have what I need.”

“And what is it that you need?”

“A map.”

“A map of what? A map of the world, continent, contery, states, cites, or blocks?”

“I need a map of the castle.”

“And why is that?”

“Do you have to know?”


“Alright then. Now do you have a map of the castle?”

“Come inside and we’ll see.”

He hobbled down the ally until he got to a door that was almost completely hidden by old, decaying crates. Fallowing only a few steps behind him I was hesitant to follow after him. His “house” smelled like a sewer and it was hard to see your own feet. But since I needed this mostly for James I slipped in.

“Now, where did I put that candle stick? Here you are.” A light flashed on and the candlelight up.

I followed Pegleg with my eyes as he shuffle around the room looking for the bundle of maps. The room looked more crowed the usual with more boxes of every size containing secrets and temptations for a pick pocket such as myself.

“Here we are. Maps.” Pegleg waddle over to the table in the center of the room. Under his right arm was a bundle of cows hide that held maps and in his left hand he carried a candle.

“Well come over here. Unless you’re not interested in the castle map any more.”

“I’m still interested.”

“Now,” he rolled out the cows hide reveling a stack of maps. “the castle should be at the bottom of this.”

For four agonizing minutes he carefully moved each map until at the very bottom of the stack, was the entire lay out of the castle.

“The only thing left is to discuss the trade.” I nodded in agreement.

I had a small stack of polished and unpolished moonstones that I was planning to buy a horse and leave this place when the King died. Since everyone guessed that when the King passed a way and his son, Prince Wallace, would just destroy everything that his father, the King, had spent is whole reign building up. And there was no way that I would be here to see it. But then again, there are things worth more then seeing a Kingdom fall apart. Such as the life of one’s self and her friend.

“I have moonstones I can trade.”

“How much?”

“Three polished moonstones and two unpolished.”

“Done. I just have to go and get them.”

“You know the one hour time limit.”

“Of course. And it should only take me half an hour to go get the items and get back here.”

“Alright. Run my little flower run!”

The End

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