Once I started running, I couldn't stop. The gray walls were all a blur and the only sound that filled my ears was the pounding of my feet, the rush of my heart and the sound of how I was a complete failure at helping a friend

Turn corners sharply and jumping over objects in my way wasn't helping me from remembering the sickening sound of James'  arm breaking almost in half, and then remembering the look in his eyes that commanded me to leave him. All of a sudden I tripped over something and landed in the dirt and cobble stones. Turning around to see who or what had tripped me.

My jaw dropped.

A tall, lanky, sun tanned girl was looking down at me. Her long platinum hair was in a braid that was hanging over her shoulder and here yellow green eyes where looking down at me.

"Kid have you seen a boy about this high," she placed her hand just above her elbo "with gold looking hair and emerald green eyes?" She looked at me as if I was the scum of the earth. Which was true, but I still didn't like the fact that, that's how people looked at and saw me.

The image of the boy with James flashed across my eyes. "Maybe. Why are you asking about him?" And then she grabed me by the front of my shirt.

"Why? I'll tell you why. Because he's my kid brother and he belongs back in our theiving group. Not with a different group. That's why."

"Got any other reason why I should tell you if I've seen him."

"Do you want your brains bashed on a wall and your body to be found in a river?"


"Then you're going to tell me?"

"Yes." And so I explaned what happend.

Now I'm not usually one to give in when people give me threats like that because it's almost always empty threats. But this girl had every intent to carry out her threat and I value my life.

After a short pause she looked like she was going to hit someone. 

"If what you say is true then I got to get him out. And I got to do it by the end of this week." 

"What?! You can't do something like that! It could take like a year."

"Oh ya? Well I am and you're going to help me."


"Because you're the only one that can help me get in and out alive with my brother." 

"And if I don't help?" 

She pulled out a wicked looking pickpocket knife. "Or you get to meet my best knife ever. And it's going to be a deep meeting."

"Alright. Just how do you think we're going to get in and out? with our head on?"

"That's your job." She stood up and flicked her braid behind  her back. "Be here tomorrow with the answer to how we get in, find my brother and then get back out. With all three of us alive." 

"Fine. But, before you leave, answer me this one question."

"Alright. What is your question?"

"What's you and your brother's name?"

"My name is Locks and my brother's name is Keys." And with that she left me to wonder what the heck I had just gotten into.

The End

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