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"GIRL!"     THAT snapped me out of my pointed ignoring of the castle staff. I spun around ready to sock the idiot who had DARED... I was stopped cold when I saw the perpertraitor. 

"Yo, your Highness," I stuttered slipping into an akward curtsy, "What a pleasure."

He just snorted off my greeting before addressing me in a 'Mighter that Though' attitude, "When you are given servants to show you to your chambers the inteligent thing to do is to listen to them.  But then again I wouldn't expect a girl to be able to grasp such a complex concept."

I wanted to punch him. Actually I wanted to do something a lot worse involving his children but....  Somehow I managed to swallow my spite and adress him, "I'm sorry you Highness I guess I wasn't paying atention."

He sneered at me and then sniffed proceding to act as if he had caught a wiff of one of the new chemicle bombs.  "Well maybe you had best pay attention and follow them.  I would also suggest a change of attire and a LONG soak.  Honestly how my father expects me to.." He just trailed of, smirked at me again and, spun on his heel before departing.  The servants who had cowered behind me while to Crown Prince was here finally come out.

"M, Miss," One of them started, "If you would follow me..." He trailed off nervously. I just nodded and a look of relife came over his face. He turned and proceded to walk down a coridor the other half dozen servants following and pulling me along in their midst.   I didn't pay much attention, lettign them drag me to my 'Chambers', i was more focused on how i was going to get back at his ROYAL Highness Prince Wallace. It would have to be sneeky, wouldn't do to get caught and blow everything, but it would also have to profound, i didn't want WALLY forgetting it anytime soon.

I was pulled from my revenge plans when i almost smacked into the serving girl in front of me. They were all stopped outside of a door. It seems we had reached my Chambers.  The door was puled open by one of the boys and I proceded to enter followed by the half dozen servants assined to me for the duration of my stay. I took the time to study them, if I was going to get away with anything while i was here I would have to be able to recognize the people supposed to be keeping track of me.   3 Boys 3 Girls, an even split.  3 of them, 1 0f the boys and 2 of the girls, had exquisitly dark skin. my training supplied that they were from the African continent and I made a mental note to quize them of their heritige later. One of the other boys had straw hair and mud eyes and the other had that sort of in between color for hair and the same muddy eyes. The last girl had darker brown hair and eyes like grass.

Having commited their images to memory I sighed. "Would one of you like to draw me a bath?" I inquired. They hurried to comply, probably glad to have something to do but stand there ocawardly.  It wasn't long until steam started to creep out of the adjoining bathroom. I made my way over, shooed the servants out, and locked the door.  They probably thought me wiered but i wasn't in the mood to deal with 'customes'. I just wanted to soak in the water and marvel at the inginious pipe system that could call up warm water with just the turn of a handle.  Let the servants think it was some wiered 'country' girl trait.  I would love to spend forever here but I knew I would have to eventually get out and get 'presentable'. Esspeshially after what happened with my introduction to the King.  Didn't want to think about that right now, so i turned my thoughts the the strange fight I'd glimpsed through the window. There had been a boy,  2 actually but only one of them was fighting. It looked like he had a broken arm and the gaurds were trying to pull him and the other boy into one of the door ways. I wish I'd gotten a chance to take a better look but with everything that had happened...

The End

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