Capture of James.

Walking back into town was some what scarry. There was an incress amount of gards that were walking around and checking out a lot of people.  Standing next to a stall I waited until I could catch a young kid.

After waiting two minutes I caugh a kid.

"Kid, what's with all these guards?"

"Haven't you heard?"

"Heard what?"

"Them gaurds have been sent out to catch the orphans and run aways."


"I don't know. I'm a kid. Hey, are you one of them?"


"You look it."

 "The reason I look like the way I do kid is because my father is a poor fisherman and I have five older brothers. That's why I look like this." With that I let go of him and sent him off his way.

After sneaking an apple off the stall I started to walk into the main part of the square. I hadn't gone more then 1oo yards when I heard the high pitched scream of a little kid.

Running to the sound, and then seeing that two tall gaurds had grabed and were holding the arms of one of my theving conpanions, I stopped short.

Turning around and wondering how I could save my conpanion I heard the sound of a body hitting the ground.

Looking over my shoulder I saw James wrestling a gaurd while the other gaurd was polling back the other kid.

"Stop!" Jumping out from the shadows where I was hidding I went to go help James.

James looked up and told me to stayt way. And to my utter dismay was punched in the jaw by the gaurd he was fighting with.

From the shear punch James was knocked off of the gaurd and landed on the ground on his arm hard. So hard infact that I heard the bone break. Then from behind me I heard the sound of armor and rapid foot falls of more gaurds.

Not wanting to leave James and the other kid, but on the other more stronger hand of not wanting to be caught and taken to where ever they would take me I took off running into the many other allies.

The End

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