Well, What do you think?

I was wrong. It COULD be that much longer to the Palace.  Luckily I got to spend a fair deal of time watching the waves, but eventually the sight was lost as we started into the city.  As we got closer to the palace I returned to my seat, It wouldn’t do to have Father see me bouncing about, But FINALY after what seemed like hours we came to a stop. Of course as soon as we stopped moving Miss. Valanca bolted awake.

“Who, Wha…” She stuttered out, more asleep that anything. I had to try SO hard not to Welcome her to the world of the living.

“It seems we’ve arrived at the Palace Miss. Valanca.” Edward told her. Ever the goody goody, can’t even utilize the perfect opportunity. Well I suppose he does haft to be polite, it IS his job after all. Still….

There’s a loudCREAKas the carriage door is opened. Edward of course gets out first helping Miss. Valanca before extending his hand to me. As if I can’t step down a stair without help.  I almost jump out just to spite him but I manage to catch myself just in time.  SHEESH, what is it about this guy that makes me want to show him up so bad?

  I’m left to my thoughts as we’re shuffled up the stairs. It isn’t until I hear the sound of something big opening that I bother to look around and when I do…. BIG. That’s the first impression I get. Really, REALLy big.  The second impression is FANCY.  Stylized and Detailed, the Palace was probably the epicenter of pointless and frivolous decoration. However even I had to admit it was,

“Impressive, isn’t it.” My thoughts were cut off by my Father.  He stood there with this big dumb grin on his face which, to be honest, was freaking me out.

“Yes, it is.” I replied demurely, casting my eyes down.  Inside my head I was chanting, “Just a little bit longer, just a little bit longer.” I was NOT going to blow the deception NOW.

“Yes, A thing of beauty.” Father said looking up at the Towers and Buttresses. “I used to come here all the time as a lad, it truly is a place one can fall in love with.” I just nodded to this. I mean how was I supposed to respond? That’s not something people, especially not my father, would tell to a Fair Maiden.  Fair Maiden.  Oh NO, My room had better NOT be at the top of one of those towers or so help me…


The shockwave ripped through the air as the giant gates finally opened up. We were quickly ushered inside and the servants set to work closing the doors behind us. This was it. Now it’s time to start reshaping my destiny.

The End

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