A Memory

After having lunch with James I walked down to the pier to think about some things.

As I stepped onto the pier I looked across the sea. Out in the horizon I saw a big black cloud gathering and I felt the cold North Wind as a gust of wind pushed my hair out of my face.

“Miss I think you better be heading home. The storm is going to be hitting us within an hour.” A fisherman near me said as he picked up a basket of half live, smelly fish.

“I will. I just have to pick up my father and then we’ll be heading home, were there will be with a nice bowl of stew.”

“I could do with a nice bowl of stew me self. Well get going young Miss.” The fisherman said as he went back to work. And I walked to the end of the pier where my father would have docked his fishing boat.

This wouldn’t have been a lie years ago. But it is now. As for why this wouldn’t be a lie is because before I was eleven I lived with my father.


Mother died when I was born. I was three weeks over due and they say that when I came out I took her life so that I could live. But father never blamed me and he raised me.

He was a fisherman and so taught me a little about fishing and how to defend my self. It lasted for about ten years and then one October morning he went out to the sea to put out his fishing nets and never came back. And so with not wanting to live in an orphanage I went to a life out on the streets and in crime.

When I got to the edge of the pier I sat down and took off my shoes and sock and after looking at my pale feet I put my toes in the warm seawater. And then my thoughts drifted away from this world and it’s troubles.


I must have drifted to sleep because the next thing I knew someone was calling me Miss and touching my shoulder.



“I think you fell asleep waiting for someone here Miss.” The voice said. I looked up and there was a young man was standing over my shoulder and looking at me.

“Oh, no I wasn’t waiting for someone. I come here to think.” I stood up and grabbed my shoes and socks.

“I see. Well you’ll want to get your self home. The storm is going to be hitting us soon, so you’ll want to be heading home now.” He said as I looked out at the horizon and saw that the storm was half way here.

“Your right.” I walked passed him.

“Miss?” I heard him call out to me.


“Can I walk you home?”

“I live just not five minutes away. I’m sure I’ll be fine. But thanks.”

“Alright. Good day miss.”

“Good day.” I turned back around and walked home.

The End

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