Traval Stinks. Or maybe it's just Coaches.






Bou- Uhhg If this stupid carage jerks or bounces or does ANYTHING i'm gona..

BOUNCE.  AHHH. I don' think i can take much more of this. I thought traviling was going to be an exiting adventure. Instead I get bushled into these 'traviling garments' that are some of the most uncomfortable things in the world and have to sit in a stupid rocking coach for Hours. How hard would it be to create a coach that didn't bounce and jerk all over. I mean all they would have to do would be to put some springs or something conecting the wheels to the body of the carage  and..


I mean they could make flying metal birds and war machines that could spit metal..

"My Lady"

In fact i could probably do it if i had the tools...

"Miss Diana"

And wouldn't be imidiatly persucuted for having ideas or for geting my hands dirty..

"DIANA" I was flung out of my musings and plans for a new carage, one more like those horesless ones I'd heard about, and spun around looking for the source of my name. This didn't take long as the Coach wasn't that large and my eyes finally came to rest on the only other person, well AWAKE person. Miss. Valanca snoring in the corner didn't count. Though how she could sleep for all the bouncing was beyond me.

"You needed my attention Edward?" I asked rather sheepishly.

He just sighed as he spoke, "I've been trying to gain your attention for the last few minuts miss. I'm afraid you were in your own world." I Inwardly panicked at this, if he got and started asking questions i was done for. Luckily i didn't have to much time to panic as Edward smiled and continued. "I know it's none of my business, but you've never been to the capital before have you?"

I shook my head. "I've never left our estate."A look of shock passes over his face before it is replaced by a small grin.

"Then it's a good thing I Woke you up to see this" He gestured out the curtined window. I walked the few steps to stand beside him and he pulled aside the curtin.


"I'll take it you like it." Edward said with a grin plastered to his face.

"It's, It's," I couldn't find words to describe it. It was beatiful and majestic, a rolling expanse of water traviling past the horizion. It sparked and glisened in the light. Of close to the horizion i thought i could see something dark swirling up. "What, What is it?" I asked tentitivly.

Edward laughed and relied, "It's the Ocean."

"The Ocean." I tried the word out on my toung. I liked it. Then a thought hit me. Turning to Edward i asked "Is it like The Sea?"

He just laughed again before ansering, "The Sea is another name for The Ocean, Sea is usually used to refer to a small peice of The Ocean.

I just gaped at him. If they were the same then everything i'd read was in That! That incredible expance before me. The power that was containd in such a deceptivly beatiful abd calm extirior. "It's Perfect." I wispered.

"I suppose." Edward said rather anoyed.I turned to look at him. I haden't relised he had heard me.

"Do you not like the water?" I asked slightly confused. How could someone NOT be captured by what i was seeing outside the window.

"It's not that i don't like  water.." He started.

"Yes?" I pushed.

"It's just that it's so boring." He pushed out rushed. I just stared at him. BORING! Seeing my incredulus eyes he elaborted. "Water, it just sits their, you don't need to worry about it going any were and if it dose you just mop it up. It doesn't present any chalange of obsticle. It doesn't make you work for it's benifits, it just goes were it's told and does what it's expected to do. Noting more Nothing less."

I started to open my mouth to protest, He had NO idea what he was talking about, then i stopped. This would lead to an argument which would lead to problems which would ruin my carfully built image. Something I could NOT let happen. Not this close to the Palace. No this close to one of the biggest oppertunities of my life. So I said nothing, instead turning to gaze back out at the incredible veiw presented for me.

We spent the next few minuts in an aquward silence before Edward spoke again. "I hear there going to be a ball when we arive."

This was actually enough to tear me from the window. A ball was a big deal. espeshially one at the palace. A Ball meant Dancing... No wait a ball meant BALLroom Dancing. Not real Dancing. Not MY kind of Dancing. It also Dress fittings and hair dressings and a million other things that were aparently required for girls to go through. "WONDERFUL" I muttered sarcastickly.

This caused Edward to laugh again. "Not a big fan of Dancing are you?" I wanted to corect him so bad. But that would be blowing my cover and that WASN'T happening. So i just rolled my eyes and let him think whatever he wanted. It couldn't be that much longer to the Palace. RIGHT?

The End

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