Pegleg was on old man who lived in the slums of the city. With his long gray matted hair, old ratted clothing, black teeth. If you could see him you would think that he would pick your pocket and then fall dead on the ground. But sadly, that hasn’t happened yet.

He had lost his left leg due to a fight many years ago. He hasn’t said why he lost his leg but in replace of his missing leg he has a wooden leg and buys and sells stolen things. He buys at a tenth of the price they are worth and sells them double for what they are worth. Which is extremely annoying.

We had spent a few hours there yelling, (by me) trying to compromise, (by James) and threats by me again.  We had come to a “reasonable” amount of money.

“Thanks so much for your business.” Pegleg yelled at us as we got out of his rat hole.

 “Whatever you old thieving dead goat.” I mumbled as James and I walked farther away.

“So, where shall we be going for a bite to eat?” James said as he counted out 25 pieces of silver.

“The Bakery for buns and the butchers for venison.” I said as my stomach rumbled its agreement. James laughed and led the way out of the ally and into the market.

When we walked into the market and sunshine we noticed that every one was running around in a hurried manner. James asked a woman what was going on.

“Haven’t you heard? The king’s cousin and his family are coming and the King has ordered a very large banquet and an expensive ball all to be done within the month.” She said as she looked over his shoulder at me and with a disapproving glance at my personage.

“I thank ye ma’m.” James said as he bowed to the woman. She curtsied and walked away and so did James with me right behind him.

“The king has a brother?” I asked as we walked down to the Bakery.

“I guess so.” James said as he held up a coin purse.

“Where did you get that?”

“From the lady as she walked pass me.” James gave me a lopsided smile.

As we walked towards the Bakers my fingers moved to the matches in my pocket. I slowly pulled them out and opened the box.

“Have you ever been in love with an element before?” I pulled out a matchstick and looked at James.

“What type of element?”

“Fire.” I flicked my wrist and the match caught on fire. James looked at the match in my hand.

“Fire, no. Water, yes.”

“Why water but not fire?”

“Water is calming, peaceful and useful. Fire is hard to control, painful and dangerous. Best to keep away from it.”

“But with out fire we would be cold, the food would always be cold or raw, and we wouldn’t be able to see in the dark.”

“Ye have a point. There are ye’s three exceptions for fire. But other then that stay away from it.”  James said as we walked into the Bakers. 

The End

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