I stared at my father in open mouthed shock.  He hadn't really just  said that had he?  I mean, calling me to yell at me was one thing even summoning me to inform me we were leaving to go to the palace would be more normal than this. But Praise? Telling me I'd been exceptional? What the heck was going on?! 

I'd arrived at my father's chambers shortly after taking off down the hallway. i paused out side of his door a moment to smooth out my dress and make my breathing even and slow before i knocked. I heard a gruff, "Enter" and i pushed the door open. There was my father speaking to one of the men who ran the estate.  "Ah Diana come in, come in." be belted out upon my entry.  this alone was enough to put me on edge. He was happy. my father is never happy. Ever.  I slowly walked over and aranged myself in one of the cushioned arm chairs. 

"You wished to see me father?" I inquired maintaing the proper etiquit that was expected of me.

"Yes, Yes," My Father replied grinning, (This did nothing to ease my confushion or unease), "Diana we're going to be traveling to the Palace for a while."

"Yes Fath-... Wait WE!?!" I choked. I never went anywhere, never left the estate, and now i was going to the PALACE!!

"Yes Diana." My father replied, either not noticing my choking or choosing to ignore it. That was weird enough but what came next was of the charts on freaky things. My Father smiled. An actual Smile. That probably doesn't seam strange to you but my father Didn't smile. Not even when my mother was alive. And then of course it got even weirder. With the freaky smile still on his face he said, "Diana you've done an exceptional job. you've gone above and beyond what could have been expected. I'm extreamly proud." 

At this point I almost had a conitption fit.However i managed to get my self under control enough to choke out, "Wh- when will we be leaving."

"As soon as possible." A curt practical awnser. "Edward will escort you to your chambers to begin your preporations." he justured to the man standing next to him. i rose and alowed this 'Edward' to take me to my rooms. It was actually probably a good thing he was there because i was so lost in thought i probably would have goten lost. after reaching my Chambers he bowed and i curtsied back then went and sat on my bed trying to wrap my mind around what had just transpired.

The End

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