Walking around the castle walls was. . .nice. Just being able to blend in with every one and not having to worry about anything till the sun went down was a nice break. But it soon got boreing untill I found a small box of matches

I bent down and picked up the matches and I could feel the flame, and it's warmth. So I took out a match and lit it.In less then a second I was stairing at a yellow flame and smelling the burning wood.

And for the short time that I was able to look at that flame, that was all that my eyes could focuse on. The little flame seemed to dance for me, my self and I.


When that little flame was almost at my finger tips I quickly blew it out.

"Poppy," I heard a rich voice call from around a corner. Then James steped out from around the corner with his back to me "where are you?!"

I slowly crept up right behind James and grabed him

"Come with me you street rat!" I made my voice go as low and as deep as possible.

James turned around with a look of shock on his face. His tan skin went pale, and his deep brown eyes went wide.

"Wha- Poppy!" James quickly got over his shock when he saw me smiling there.

"Got you." I laughed and punched him on his arm.

"So ye did." James voice had just a hint of an Irish accent and his hair was strawberry blond.

"What are we going to do?" I said as we walked closer to the palace gates.

"Go over to Pegleg and see what we can get for this trinket and then get some lunch." He held up a silk pillow and smilled.

"Where did you get that?" I said as I felt my eyes go wide.

"Stole it from a Duchess' carage." He said as his smile went crooked. "What did ye find? Or steal."

"Me and Tommy got a coin pouch and I found a thing of matches." I shruged and showed him the matches. I saw James' eyes go big as he took the matches from my hand.

As soon as James took the matches from my hand I wanted to snach them back and never let any one see the fire that they held.

"Mighty fun they be. Best keep them in a safe place." James said as he gave me back the matches and placed them in my hand.

I sliped my matches inside my boot and me and James started off to Pegleg's hole.

The End

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