A Roaring wave crashes down and the spray soaks me to the bone.


There on the horizon I can see it.


So close I can almost taste the...

"Diana Pay attention this Instant!!!" I jerked out of my daydream and stare sheepishly down at my books.

"I'm sorry Miss. Valaca." Miss. Valanca, my governess and instructor just sniffed and went back to her lecture.  Honestly, it's not like she cares whether I really learn this stuff, she just wants an excuse to hear herself talk. And if she can get a captive audence (like me stuck in lessons) so much the better. 

I hate lessons. Every day its, "Sit up straight, hold the fork like this, don't do that it isn't ladylike, why on earth would you think something like that?" Or better yet, "Why on earth would you think at all? Your a girl, a lady, your supposed to stand there and look dainty and fragile."  Uhg, it makes me want to barf some days. But that is to be my fate. My 'Privilage' as it were, (if my Uncle is to be Belived) since my father is the King's Cousin.  Oh how i wish he weren't some days.

"Diana" Miss. Valanca snapped, once again bringing me out of my musings.

"Yes Miss. Valanca?" I asked.

"As it seems you have no desire to listen and study today," I blush a little at this, i didn't think it was THAT obvious, "You will be pleased to know that you father wishes to see you." Miss. Valanca stated calmly.  i however was anything but calm.

"MY FATHER!?! what does he want me for? When did e get back from his trip? Why..?" i was cut off my a rather anoyed Miss. Valance

"I do not know. it is not a lady's place to ask why she is summoned, it is mearly her duty to comply." She stated coldly.

"Yes Miss. Valance. Sorry Miss. Valanca." I said lowering my gaze and assuming a submissive pose, (I've gotten quite good at these over the years), "Should i go right now Mam?"

Sighing she Replied, "Yes i supposed you must. the message said imidiatly.  How he expects me to give you a proper education with all these inturuptions is beyond me."  I roll my eyes at this. My father NEVER wants to see me. And this is probably the first time anyone had dared to inturupt Miss. Valanca. Ever.  So, with a quick curtsy and a few carefully placed 'Ladylike' Steps, I've got the door shut behind me and I'm bolting down the hallway towards my father's chambers.  If anyone saw me I'd be spending the next couple of monthes in lectures and reform classes. But then again, if someone saw me they'd never belive it was me.  Not Diana, not the Delicate Little Lady.  I try not to take advantage of that reputation to often, who knows when it might end if I do, but my father is hardly ever home, always off at the Palace with his cousin, And he NEVER sumons me.  I'm the Girl who killed his wife and wasn't even a boy to make up for it.  So if Father has summoned me it's Extreamly important news, Definatly not something i want to miss.

The End

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