Call Me Maybe.Mature

Max yawned, rolling over and falling off the bed. He stood, gasping in pain as he fell back to the soft bed behind him. A deep chuckle sounded behind him. "How's your ass?'' Ace smirked, tugging a plain white v-neck over his head. Max groaned in response as the effects of a hang-over took over. Max suddenly blushed, eyes widening as he realized why Ace asked that, and why he was naked.

"D-did we...?" Max trailed off, grabbing at the sheets to cover his exposed, hickey covered skin, earning another chuckle from Ace.

"Yeah, I had fun too" Ace winked as he finished buckling his jeans, he crawled over to Max, leaning up to his ear and gently biting it before whispering; "Ya know Maxie," Max blushed at the nickname Ace had given him, "I like you, call me" And with that, Ace stood and swiftly walked out the door. Not before dropping a small piece of paper in Maxs lap. Max picked it up, smiling as he read the ten digits written neatly on it with; "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy but I kinda like you so call me maybe? ;)'' scribbled above them. Max smiled, shaking his head.

"Cheesy bastard."

It's short, I know.. :c I'm sick.. Bleh.

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The End

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