"Look!" Max yelled, a smile spread across his pale face as he sprinted ahead of Nash. "Look.." Max repeated in awe as he stopped atop of the small hill. Nash's hand took a hold of Max's, pulling him closer. "Fireflies"

"Hey, Max" Nash asked, throwing a fry into his mouth as Max picked at his burger. "Yeah?" Max answered, his eyes not leaving his burger as the two best friends sat in their favorite diner. "Whatdja reckon it's like to be in love?" He asked completely out of the blue, but then again that was Nash for you. Max shrugged, his hands falling into his lap as he looked out the window to the right of the booth the two boys sat in."I dunno, I guess it's . . nice" He said, "I've never been in love anyway so I wouldn't know." Honestly, Max knew what it felt like to be in love. He knew the feeling you got in your stomach when they smiled, when they laughed or when they just looked your way. He knew it all to well. Nash watched his best friend, Max's small, pale hands fiddling with the edge of his to-big jumper, his feet tapping nervously on the ground, his bottom lip captured between his teeth. All traits that Max was lying or thinking to hard. Nash's brow furrowed as he continued to study the smaller of the two. Max was lying, he knew that for sure but why, he had no clue.
Max still watched the cars driving by, he wanted to tell Nash the truth but he couldn't. How could he tell his best friend he was gay? How could he tell him he was in love with him?
Max leaned his head on his desk, wishing school would hurry up and finish. He heard the chair next to him scrape back and someone sit down, "Hey Nash" He said without moving his head. Nash laughed, "How did you know?" Max lifted his head to look at Nash, "Really? Who else would come sit with me" He muttered, his head returning to the desk. Nash frowned, "Um. . anyone? Why wouldn't they?" He asked. Max groaned, annoyed he had to explain their social status' and their differences again. "Nash, you're popular. You hang out with popular people and go to their parties and shit. Me, I'm un-popular, I hang out with you, and I don't go anywhere except the park and your house," he paused to look at Nash from behind his black hair "people don't hang out with the 'loner' or the 'emo freak' Okay?" He spat, getting annoyed at the group of cheerleaders staring them. "But, you're not an emo freak or whatever" Nash said, "or a loner" he added as Max rolled his eyes, "Do you see anyone else busting to talk to me or anything?" Nash looked around to see cheerleaders watching them, "The chee-" Max cut him off "They're looking at you, not me."

The final bell rang and Nash smiled a warm smile towards the 4 girls that stood behind him, "Bye ladies" he winked, walking out of the class room and towards the bathrooms. He locked the door behind him and turned to the mirror. He let out a deep sigh. He felt bad,  he was popular and always surrounded by his friends, even if some of them were fake, so he didn't talk to Max much except for English in fifth period. He felt bad for Max, he was an outcast and he knew it, so did Nash. So Nash was dragging him to a party with him tonight. Whether he like it or not. Nash went to the bathroom and did his business, walking out and tracking down the short, black haired male named Max.


"Nash, no" Max whined as they stood in front of a tall house already thumping with the loud music and filled with half drunk teenagers. Nash grinned, grabbing Max by the arm and dragging his protesting ass inside. But as soon as they got inside Nash got swept up in his friends and the all the people, leaving Max standing by the door quietly.
Max watched his friend dance to the heavy beat, drink in hand already. He shook his head as he walked to the kitchen, "bloody dick leaving me on my own" he muttered as he poured himself a drink of god knows what. He felt someone bump into him, he looked to see what he bumped into. His cheeks went red as he meet eyes with a tall boy. "Hey" he said in a deep husky voice, a smirk forming over his face. Max smiled, "Hi" Mr.tallandfreakinghandsome stuck his hand out, "Ace" He smirked as Max gently placed his hand in Ace's. "Max" He grinned as Ace's hand stayed clamped on his, not letting go even after they shook hands.

Okay, this is my first time writing a story. . on here that is but please tell me what you think<3

The End

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