Fired Away

Basically the main charecters house burns down and she has to move to a new house far away. Her best friend will miss her.

I watched the fire. It's flames danced around enthusiasticly. It glowed a soft blue color on the bottom and a sunny yellow color grew out of it. It leaped around and lit everything around it on fire. The air smelled of smoke and it sounded like rice crispies only much louder and a lot more shocking. It was not something I wanted to go close to, for it was very hot. Why did fire look so happy when everything around it was left damaged? Why did it damage things so?

I hated fire. Now my house was ruined.

 My neighbor, Ben, turned to me and tried to smile. But for him it was hard. He knew that my life savings were gone and we wouldn't be able to buy wood for our tree house. And my house was burning down. I would move. I wouldn't be his neighbor anymore. What if I never saw Ben again?

I remembered back to when we first met, Ben was 5 and so was I, only  I took pride in being born a month earlier than him. Ben hated that, he hated being beaten. I was like that too, I hated having the feeling that I had to give up on something. Like my house. There was no doubt that I could save it, and that hurt. I knew I didn't want to move. I knew I wanted to stay here for forever with Ben. But it was already gone, and I was lucky I had gotten out with my family.

Now we were going to have to find a new house. With new neighbors. Who knew what my neighbors would be like?

The End

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