Things Not Meant To Be (Hael) / Truth's RevealedMature

I stand,looking out the window,into this land of destruction.A burnt,frightening landscape.The sun shone over it,but it didn't make it any better.
    I unfurled one long white wing and then the other,and flapped them once.My brillant blue eyes scanned the horizon,I could identify every speck of dirt,were I to choose.
    But today I don't,I just turn back from the morning light and movement in the corner of my room catches my eyes,she was waking.
    I smiled and walked to the wooden crib,and bent over, "Good morning baby." I say,she smiles up at me.
    "Hi,Hael!" she says,drawing out my name.I lean and pick her up and hold her.
    "Are you hungry?" I ask.She nods quickly,a slow smile creeps across my cheeks.
    I walk to my bed,made up of fine silks and satins,and set her on it.I walk to the table across my room and pick up a tray.On it is a pink sippy cup full of orange juice,and on a plate is scrambled eggs,toast with cream cheese,and a little bowl of blueberry oatmeal.She sets to eating happily.
    I should clarify who I am.I am a true Angel.Not one of those blasphemous demons who control this place that was once beautiful.
    My name is Hael.I am the Angel of Kindness.My original purpose was just to inspire art,beauty,and kindess.I look as if I am a young woman.I have palid white skin,and pure blue eyes,with light flame red locks that flow down to where my shoulder blades are.My wings are long and white,but nearing the ends of each wing,starting from the middle,the feathers are a raspberry color.But when the war came,my job was much different.
    I came down to Earth to fight,and instead they brought me a small baby they had rescued.She was 6 months old,and one of the most darling babies I had ever seen.Her hair is a lovely tan,and she has soft sage green eyes.She's now 13 months old.
    Her name was Skyler they told me.They had found the house her parents had been in,there was a picture of them on the wall.I now have the picture.She recognizes her Momma and Daddy,as she calls them.
    I love Skyler,she's been my pride.But when I got here,I also met someone else.A young man,Brendan.
    I had still had no mission,so I was a Wanderer,just that I think back,it's so clear.
    It was spring,and it wasn't too warm,and it wasn't too cool.Leaves were in bloom.I was kneeling near a stream,running my hands through the water.I was wearing a blue dress that day,it was shorter than most angels wear and came above my knees.I was resting my wings around me,my hair was gently wind blown.
    Behind me I heard,"Don't move."
    My body went stiff,I turned,with the wrath of an angel.
    "Don't you dare threaten me!" I cried in the threatener's face.
    He was taken aback.
    "You d-don't look like one of them at all..." he said,his voice quivering.He was tall,muscular,he had silky black hair that fell close to his stormy gray eyes.He had a gun in his hands,lowered,and a cross-bow attatched to his back.
    "One of the demons?Of course not!" I laughed softly, "I'm a true angel."
    He gently took to one knee, "I apologize."
    "Oh please,I don't need you to do that." I offer my hand,and he took it,and that's when I felt it,a jolt,a shock,running through every fiber of my being.He looked in my eyes.I felt helpless as I looked at him.
    "My name is Brendan." he whispers,so softly.
    "I'm Hael." I whisper back.
    I was once told of a story when I was young that angels could fall in love with humans,but it was rare,and an angel had to have a certain amount of free will,or had to live on Earth.I was on Earth now,vulnerable to this.They told us the extreme rare,an angel and human could be soulmates.An attachment that only happened every few millenia.
    I felt it though,I knew it deep down,that was what this was.
    "Tell me of yourself Brendan."
    He explained his family had been murdered,his life stolen from him.He was alone fighting now.That's all he knew how to do now.
    I smiled and kissed his forehead.His breath stuttered.
    "You're very beautiful." he had said.I had smiled and blushed...blushing...such a strange feeling.
    From that day we spent most days together,and I loved him passionately.Such passion and adoration.Until the war slammed our area.We were split in the heat of battle and from then on I hadn't been able to find him.
    I was alone now,still raising Skyler.And Brendan was out there somewhere.
Truths Revealed Chapter Four
    I stared at Brendan unable to speak.My eyes went wide.
    "How could you?! How could you?! How could you love one of those..those...MONSTERS!"I exploded.
    "Please,please Laina.Shhh!It's not what you think!" he begs helplessly.
    "Oh,really?Then what is it?!Hm?What is it then?" I snarl.
    "Those things we're fighting aren't Angel's...they're demons...I met a true angel before I came here.Her wings are white.Her eyes are blue.She looks nothing like the Angel's.She's beautiful,and true.And she was sent to Earth to fight these demons." he tells me quickly.
    "...You''re serious?" I say softly.
    "Yes.Completely.Her name is Hael.She's the Angel of Kindness." he smiles softly,thinking of her.
    "What happened to her Brendan?Where is she?" I say,feeling awful for exploding on the kid.
    "I don't know,one day I was fighting and in the midst of it,I lost her.I couldn't find her.She was just gone Laina.I screamed her name for hours,till my throat was raw.I ran through a field of dead bodies and blood,checking for her everywhere.I know she's alive though."
    "How can you be so sure if you lost her in battle?" I ask,though I don't want to.
    "Because I can feel it.Deep inside.I can't explain it.I just know." he says,looking me in the eyes.
    "So what's different now?"
    "Something is going to happen.I just know it."
    And slowly Brendan and I formed a plan to search for the real angel.

The End

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