The HouseMature

I woke up in the House.At least that's what we call it so far.It's really the basement of a warehouse we've used as a home.
    The basement is huge,with multiple rooms.The small stock rooms are good for bedrooms,and shelves easily turn into beds.There are 12 stock rooms in all,each holding 30 shelves.In all we can hold 360 people in bedrooms.The warehouse had been for something like a Walmart or Kmart.There was tons of food,especially in the freezer.There was bedding,and everything we would need to live.
    Perfect for us,and I guess I should specify who "us" is.
    The group consists of 11 others beside myself.
    Hal is 54 years old,but by no standards is he old.He is still fit,and very much the leader.He's a little crazy,but that's how you operate.His wife,Marrianne,was murdered by Angels.The Angels also burned down his home.The only thing he had left was his dog,Singer.
    Then there is Ken and Jenny.Ken is 30 and Jenny is 28.Ken was a working man,a carpenter,and very good at his job,so he's sunworn,and very well muscled.Jenny is slightly smaller,but still a tough cookie,she was an accountant.They had a little boy named Harper,he was 4 years old.The Angels came and took him one day when he walked outside without his mother.
    That's 3 so far,for those who lose count easily.
    There's Delilah,who is 27,she was single,and a very tough woman.Even know she's very distant,but she's a fantastic fighter.
    James,Jared,and Jackson are triplet brothers who joined back together when their parents were murdered.They are 25.
    We're up to 7 now.
    Kara is 25 also,and has 2 children she escaped with after her husband was killed.Kara's children are Micha,who is 10,and Melanie,who is 3.
    And finally,a 16 year old boy,Brendan.We're not really sure what happened to him,but he's a strong quiet one.
    So our group is Hal,Ken,Jenny,Delilah,James,Jared,Jackson,Kara,Micha,Melanie,Brendan,and myself.
    As I was saying,I woke up.I was in the bedroom I currently had to myself,pulling back my comforter.I slid to the side of the shelf and put on my slippers,and grabbed my hoodie from the end of the bed,and as I did,my book fell on the bed.
    The book The Giver,and out fell Skyler's picture.I stopped and bit my lip for a moment,and sat back on the bed.I picked it up and held it between my fingers.Her face smiled and glowed,her gorgeous eyes watching the camera intently,her hair was sticking up.She had on a pink onesie.
    My heart shattered.She would be 13 months old.I felt tears run from my eyes suddenly,hot on my face, and I ran my finger over the chubby lines of her cheeks.
    "I love you so much,Sky." my voice trembled,and I picked up my book,and opened it to the back,and Liam and I's wedding picture was back there also.I felt myself go weak,and then I heard my door.
    It was Jenny,looking at me,and spoke softly,"I came to get you for breakfast...but I saw...and...I'm sorry."
    I shook my head,but my throat was too clogged to speak.She came in and closed the door and sat down on the bed next to me and put her arm around me.I hugged her tightly,and whispered,"I want my baby."
    I felt tears from her on my shoulder now,"I want mine too,sweetie.I want Harper so bad."
    Slowly,we dried our eyes,and she whispered,"We'll get our babies back.One way or another."
    We stood,and walked out of the room,and into the main room,walking to what would have been a break room so long ago.Now it was a dining room.
    I said my "Good mornings" and then felt arms around my legs.It was Melanie.She giggled and smiled at me.I felt my heart swell and break,then swell again.I smiled down at her,and leaned to pick her up in my arms.
    "Hello beautiful!" I say sweetly.
    "Hi gawjuss." she says in her little voice,I kiss her forehead,and set her back down.
    Kara smiles at me as I sit down next to her,"She really adores you."
    "I would hope so." I say with a tone buried below.
    I get back up and find a box of chocolate Rice Krispies.I pour myself a bowl and grab milk out of the refrigerator.I grab a plastic spoon and sit down.
    I eat and listen to the conversations around me.Kara speaking to Micha and Melanie.James and Ken talking about sports that have been long over.Jenny and Delilah talking about laundry.Jared and Jackson were bickering about some childhood memory.Brendan sat alone picking apart a Pop-Tart.
    I picked up my bowl and went to sit next to him on the far side of the room.
    "You okay?" I say softly,so no one else has to hear.
    He shrugs,brushing a strand of blonde hair from his blue eyes.
    "You know if you ever need someone to talk,I'm around." I say,gently patting his shoulder.
    He looks at me with some glint of hope in his eyes,"If I could tell you without being judged...then I would be okay."
    "You can." I say.
    "In private." he says quickly.
    Brendan walks out.I put my bowl up and claim I'm going to get dressed.
    I walk to my room and he follows me,I close my door as he comes in and the words seem to fall out of his mouth so fast,"I was in love with an Angel."

The End

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