Fire In The SkyMature

Laina and Liam were a perfectly happy couple,living together.Then the Angels came and destroyed their lives,and the lives of everyone else.Now Laina struggles to find her lover in this post-apocalyptic world.

It was dark,besides the sliver of moonlight,and the dark settled in the scars on his face.The dark settled in his eyes.It settled in the hard set lines of his mouth.It settled in every perfect strand of his hair.

I heard him sigh,and he sat on a rock close to him.He put his face in his hands,and I slowly knelt next to him.I opened my mouth to speak,but then closed it again.My eyebrows pulled together and I reached for one of his hands.

He took his hands off his face and gently held my hand.He pulled it to his face and layed it on his rough,scarred cheek.His large hand covered mine and held it there.Then he pulled my palm to his lips and kissed it ever so softly.

My lip trembled uncontrollably,and I threw my arms around him.He pulled me into his lap,as I desperately clung to him,tears rolling from my eyes.I clenched my fingers in his shirt.

I pulled back,and as I did,clouds moved off the moon,and I could see him again.His face was the soft olive tone,he was growing a beard again,after all he hadn't shaved lately.His hair was a mess,it's gorgeous dark sand color,it was growing out again,and fell in small waves to his ears.There was a scar that went from his left brow to his left cheek bone,two through his lips,tons on his chin and cheeks.His nose was crooked from breaks.His eyes were the softest smokiest shade of gray.

His body was toned with muscle,and on his exposed arm was a tattoo of a baby's face.A face that was too painful for me to look at.

His shirt had once been white,but it was so tattered and worn that it was now grayish-grunge,his jeans were tearing and falling apart.His shoes had all but fallen to shreds.

He looked at me,and I knew I wasn't the greatest looking either.My auburn hair was a frizzled mess,hacked up to my chin by rusty scissors,bangs still falling in my face.My skin was pale and creamy,but I knew I was dirty.My lips were full and pink.My eyes were a palid green surrounded by dark,long lashes.My body was small,but I had built up muscles these past few months.

I was wearing a black tank top,which was ripping steadily,and my jeans were filthy.My old Converse sneakers were shredding,and tearing,and my laces were going to fall out.

"Laina...they'll be coming again soon." he says,in that voice that's more of a warning than just a thought.

I nod,but I wish I didn't have to agree.Why did I have to agree?

"Laina...when they come,you have to run."

"No.Liam,I won't leave you here!Please..." I felt my throat tightening,the lump building,the sudden intense feeling of helpless fear.

"If I say run,you run." Liam says sternly,looking me dead in the eyes.

"And if I don't?" I say with a last desperate burst of confidence.

"I will push you until you do.I love you too much to let you give up now." he says,gently pulling me close.

He stroked my hair,and whispered in my ear,"Run for your life,my love.I promise I'll be close behind."

I managed,"I love you." before he pushed me,and I was off,running.Running for my very life. I cried as I ran,my vision blurred,but I kept running.I ran,and my sides hurt,and it hurt to breathe,and just kept running.

That was six months ago.

We've been in this literal Hell for one year now. I should explain.My name is Laina Briann Loxly,I'm 19,and the world has collapsed.

One year ago,the world was falling to financial ruin and wars were starting,then they came.No one really knows who they are,or what they are.They aren't aliens or something if that's what you're thinking.They came from within the planet.Someone once told me they would come when we couldn't handle ourselves anymore.Some call them Angels. I'm not sure what to call them anymore.God's fury is a mighty one,I should say.

Everything was collapsing,and everyone was turning on each other.Cities burned,and people died.The Angels murdered hundreds of thousands.The screams still haunt me.

Angels are beautiful.Perfect looking.But never what I imagined them to look like. They're tall,with wide spanning pitch black wings,no halos to be seen.Their eyes glow with reddish orange fury.They're all perfectly beautiful.They bleed pure white. '

Liam and I were living in a small house when it happened.Right before the invasion,we had a child.A daughter,Skyler Suzaan Loxly.She was a perfect baby,with dark sand colored hair like her father,and pale green eyes like my own.

When Skyler was 5 months old,the Angels had been around for 4 months. We had been sleeping at night,and Skyler was in her room in her bassinet.Suddenly a loud bang.Our front door had been ripped off,Liam and I had sprung from our bed,only to watch our daughter be taken in the arms of an Angel.Her eyes glowed the most intense red and orange.Her solid wings stood behind her in a horrifically magnificent manner.She looked me in the eyes and wrapped our daughter in a white cloth and left.She took off into the sky,with our Skyler.

From that day,Liam and I left home,and went for justice.We met a group of rebels,like ourselves.Some had had children taken,others had loved ones killed,others were in it for the fight.We joined them.We had fought Angels,and killed plenty.After a time we had been split up,and it had been Liam and I alone again.That was when we were split apart.

Now I am with our group again,and I still haven't found my Liam,but I'm not ready to give up that easily.

The End

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