Chapter 3.3Mature

Nova looks down at the mortals as the wind softly blows around her, telling her that Iris is nearby to watch their reactions and report to the other Gods.

“The creature in your dungeon is indeed a demon, and so are the enemies you shall face in battle. Someone conjured them to walk on this earth, gaining enough power to capture the Goddess of weather, Raine. Now, they have the Sun God, Sol, causing chaos and destruction. Reasons why are foreign to me but you and your men need to know the truth. The war will not be easy. Their power is unlike any you have had to face before. My warriors will train your men, to prepare them as much as possible before we join you on the battlefield.” With those words, Nova looks up at the black sky before retreating into the castle.

Ren stops Captain Lucian from going after her, his expression thoughtful. “Where is she going? I guess it’s fine, she has completely answered all of our questions.” The Captain laughs heartily, nudging Ren who just shakes his head in response. The Seer smiles crookedly, appearing from the shadows. The Zodiac warriors nod in acknowledgement as they put their hands into the clear waters of the fountain. The Seer stands in front of Ren and Captain Lucian Ash. “Have you ever heard of the story of when the Sun and Moon defeated the old Gods and the demon army?”

“My apologise Seer, but we’re a big too old for Children’s stories.”  Ren mutters, looking in the direction where Nova just left. The Seer laughs loudly “You are never too old for stories.” Rius shakes her head as Leonardo clicks his knuckles in annoyance. “They are legends, not stories.”

Spreading crooked fingers, the Seer smiles thinly as a picture is created from a pocket of moon dust. The words the Seer spoke gives the moon dust life, creating a moving silver image of the story. “Long ago, when mortals first walked this earth, the Gods were distant from our species and so, an evil usurper near destroyed this planet. Chaos was a part of everyday life. People lived in fear and evil stalked the streets, doing whatever they will. One God and Goddess, twins, watched over what was happening from the heavens whilst their elders were fulfilling their selfish desires.” The Seer gazes at them men, an intense in within those old eyes. Leonardo lazily stands, his eyes sharp with interest.

The corners of Isorropia’s lips twitched as her stormy eyes sparkle watching the moon dust moving pictures. “One day, when the twins were overlooking the chaos below, until the screaming of a village below caught the attention of the Goddess. She couldn’t carry on hearing their suffering and so, ignoring her elders, the Goddess left her position in the heavens and went to the aid of a village. She rescued all of them, defeating the demons that roamed with a few strikes. To show their admiration, the village vowed to devote their lives to her forever more with their leader declaring that his kin shall forever follow her. And where was this village?” The Seer giggle, eyes sparkling.

“The Lunar Village. That means that the Goddess was our moon deity.” Ren mutters as Captain Lucian chuckles. “Nice story Seer. After that bedtime story, I can sleep without having anyone check for monsters under my bed.” The Captain barks out a laugh. “You have to check for monsters before you sleep?” Rius asks, an unimpressed look crosses her face. “I was joking.” His laughter quietens as Rius just stares at him with piercing eyes. “You should hear the end before making comments. Carry on Seer.” Isorropia leans against her battle axe as she nods to the Seer in a flamboyant orange dress.

“After rescuing the Lunar Village, the Moon Goddess returned to the sky. The elder Gods cast their disapproval and disgust towards the Moons actions. There was one God, Exitium the God of destruction, who thrived on the chaos and despair below and wanted to concur the heavens. Exitium, with control over the demons, did the unspeakable, killing many of the Elder Gods.”

“Outraged, the Moon Goddess and the Sun God left the heavens. Hand-in-hand, they walked straight into Exitium’s main camp and completely destroyed all whom were there. When the God of destruction heard of such an attack, he consumed the bodies of the dead, becoming an force unseen of.” Leonardo informs, his orange eyes sparkling as he educates the mortals. “With Exitium having taken on such a form with so much power, the Sun and Moon united their powers. Together, they managed to rip the limbs off Exitium one by one until he was no more and then they sent the demons back to where they came, trapping them there.” As Rios spoke, jerk eyes seemed to shine with deep admiration.

Isorropia stretches as she speaks “Together, they returned to the heavens where they became the leaders of the Gods. Ever since that day, all Gods and Goddesses look out for those mortals walking across the earth, working together despite their selfishness in order to produce everlasting harmony.”

“What does this have to do with Nova?” Ren asks as the moon dust images disperse with the wind. The Seer laughs, cracking old bones. “Have you not worked it out yet Prince? Your Lady Nova is the one all Lunar Village people hold close to their hearts.”

Leonardo smiles smugly. “We are the Zodiac warriors and Nova is her. The moon goddess.”

The End

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