Chapter 3.2Mature

Nova pulls tightly on the strings tied around her fingers, tightening around the prisoner, burning deeply into his flesh. The creature screams at the pain as Nova’s eyes shine. “Do not worry. The demon is well contained with my moonlight strings and any attack he tries shall rebound back onto him. You are all safe.” Nova’s voice is blunt as she spreads her fingers, slightly releasing the demon enough so he can speak.

“I am a demon of the darkness. We have built our forces and we are ready to attack.” Rius resists the urge to throw one of her throwing knifes through the creatures head. His skin has turned black with what something that resembles scales across his body. His teeth, a decaying yellow. “With the power of a God on our side, the world will be set alight and all of you mortals shall be ripped apart!” The demon laughs hysterically as everyone narrows their eyes at him.

Nova narrows her eyes, making moonlight strings slash across the demons face. She turns and walks out of the room, knowing that her warriors, Ren and the Captain will follow her. When passing the Gemini warrior twins, Nova turns her head to them and nods, causing big smiles to spread across their faces.   

As soon as Rius closes the door, the twins stand either side of the demon with wicked smiles on their faces. “Are you stuck?” Ni asks with wide eyes. “Oh, I believe that he is.” The demon growls at them, causing them to laugh. “Ah, is the little demon getting annoyed?” The twins start poking his face. “I think he is.”

Nova walks away from the dungeon as the others follow her lead. “What was he talking about in there?” Ren asks, walking at the same pace as Nova, annoyed at all of the unanswered questions running through his brain. Leonardo scoffs behind him. “Don’t be thick Lockwood, Nova will tell you whatever she wants when she wants.”

The Captain puts a hand on his shoulder but is quickly shrugged off. “Don’t talk to the Prince that way.” They quickly walk into the garden, Nova stands upon the wall surrounding the fountain. “There are things you need to know.” Nova casts her eyes over the four in front of her, her warriors walking towards her, slightly glaring at each other as they walk into one another before sitting on the wall either side of the one they have sworn to protect. Isorropia rolls her eyes, sighing as she sits at Nova’s feet.

Meanwhile, Rexrus leans with his arms against the wall surrounding the roof of the castle, his eyes watching the darkness below. He scowls deeply, knowing that whatever was causing the dark energy has been contained. “Can you see them?” Ophi jumps up, sitting herself on the wall, immediately swinging her legs. “Of course.” Rexrus mutters. The little girl giggles, looking up at her elder warrior. “Not you silly, I was talking to Tody.” The snake spits out his tail as he bobs his head in agreement before nibbling his tail again. “Can you see Sister Sting?” Rexrus narrows his eyes as the silence stretches. “Brother Rexrus, I am asking you now.” The child warrior laughs causing Rexrus to sigh. “No, I can’t see her. Never can.”

Sting follows the boundaries surrounding the Lunar Village, silently leaping from one tree to another, eyes alert. She can feel the tension in the air as she swiftly moves across the barrier perimeter, stretching out her awareness. The darkness quivers slightly, making Sting narrow her eyes and freezing, waiting to see what will happen next.

Across the Lunar Village, the other Zodiac warriors stand their ground as they watch the darkness. Seira laughs to herself as she merrily skips around her group of NightShadow men, watching her with amused faces. “Something’s out here, be careful men.” Ricorn says, crossing his arms as he thoughtfully stares out into the darkness. A hiss whistles through the wind, sending shivers down the spines of the mortal knights as Sces slowly runs her thin tongue across her sharp teeth. The cries of BloodFoxes fill the air, making Vi shiver tightly under her cardigan. Tarius stands next to a fallen oak tree which has been there for years, his men on watch. The waters thrash wildly, the creatures within the oceans becoming agitated making Cercan harshly narrow his eyes. “What is out there?” One of the knights asks after hearing the calls of the darkness’ creatures.

Bright red eyes appear all across the barriers. Their bloodthirsty eyes seem to be taunting the warriors, daring them to step over the barrier which keeps them out. The demons in the darkness move about, creating the sounds of what nightmares are made of. Instead of shaking in fear as one would expect of mortals, the NightShadow knights hold their ground, readying their weapons in case of attack.

Ever since the Sun God disappeared, it seems as though more and more creatures of evil roam the earth, and it is not uncommon for the knights to encounter one or two on their patrols. Sces hisses through her sharpened teeth, her posture crouched and ready to attack when they make the first move.

“You will not die today. We are just here to watch and report back to our Master.” One of the creatures laugh bitterly. Sting throws a dart at the feet of the demon who talked, causing the dry ground to burst into brilliant blue flames. “You can tell your Goddess that her brother says hello.” Laughing, the demons disappear further into the darkness.

The End

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