Chapter 2.5Mature

Ren nods determinedly, knowing full well that he would never let his people fight on their own whilst he sits comfortable on the side-lines. Doesn’t she know that? Can’t she tell with all the training he has done with his men and the determination that burns within his eyes?

“To be strong, you need to have knowledge. Knowledge of what you are truly up against. Are you ready to open your mind to the impossible Ren Lockwood, son of Villiat Lockwood, of the Lunar Village?” Nova pouts her lips curiously as her eyes narrow, awaiting for an answer.

“In such dark times, we need knowledge to shine a light onto the commotion. And, Lady Nova, if you believe that knowledge is what we need to have a more equal ground in this war, then I agree.” A small smile touches her face as a sad glint passes behind her eyes before she turns her gaze towards Ren’s men.

“Then you should know that the enemy you face are like nothing you have ever come across before and their power is so much stronger than what you mortals can even begin to imagine.” The prince raises his eyebrow, confused as to why the woman next to him said ‘You mortals’. “The enemy has forces similar to my own in terms of power, you and your men felt some of it today during training.”

Ren frowns, facing the mysterious lady head on as he listens to her words. “What causes such power?”

Taking her gaze off the others, Nova looks directly into Ren’s eyes. “We are not like the others who walk this earth. We are what legends are made of, and where myths are created. I am not like you Prince Lockwood of the Lunar Village. I am a G-” Nova stops midsentence, her face turning away from Ren, her expression stern. Ignoring Ren’s questions, Nova locks eyes with the leader of her warriors, seeing that Leonardo has the same look. He, like the other Zodiacs, have felt its presence.

“How dare it walk on the sacred ground in which this kingdom was created!” Rius hisses, her hands fists.

Sounds of windows smashing and evil whispers within the shadows. The NightShadow men drop the food in which they were carrying, the joy in their eyes turning to fear which they attempt to hide. The hissing whispers seem to get louder, shaking the walls of the room as if the shadows were scratching their talons against the marble.

Ren watches as Lady Nova strides across the hall with purpose in her eyes. As she pushes open the great wooden doors, he hurriedly attempts to follow her. “The Captain has bought back a guest.” She mutters but somehow all can hear. The usual emotionless tone of Nova has traces of venom behind her words. Turning her head back, her long white hair cascades down her back as she looks across at her warriors before her gaze lands on Leonardo. “You know what to do, my lion warrior.”

The End

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