Chapter 2.4Mature

Ren laughs loudly as the whole hall erupts into a crazed food fight, his eyes captivated by Lady Nova as she moves gracefully ducking stray food and accurately throwing scraps at others. Somehow, even with her being in the centre of it, she only has a few traces of food across her forehead and cheeks whilst most of her warriors look as though they have swam through a lake of cake and vegetables.

Laughing at his men running and slipping over the Great Hall, Ren thinks back to hours ago, finding it hard to believe that previously they were hesitant over the strange warriors due to at what happened training. Not that their prince blames them, he himself can’t wrap his mind around it.

He remembers leaning over Leonardo, triumphant that he had finally been able to get the upper hand on him when an unusual aura suddenly appeared before Ren got thrown miles away. It felt as though a meteor shower had come crashing down upon Ren, the force of all the stars in the universe behind the attack. Multiple attacks of similar force cascaded down into the stadium, leaving the NightShadow men wounded and confused. With the unusual absence of Lucian by his side, Ren can’t help but wonder who the strangers really are and what the power is that they possess.

“I see that Captain Lucian Ash is refraining from the festivities tonight. I hope that he is not too injured from his training with warrior Vi today?” Standing next to the prince is Nova, her hair now pulled into a high ponytail. He shifts his position, slightly nervous at her sudden presence so close to him. This is the closest she has been to him since the time they shared in the fountain. “He had more pressing matters to attend to.”

A thin eyebrow raises, Nova’s interest is sparked as she quickly glimpses at the prince next to her before facing the food fight in front of them. “And what, may I ask, do these matters Intel?” Ren shrugs before avoiding a pile of green firebeans being thrown at him, letting them hit the marble wall, leaving a dark green burn where they land. “There was a breach on one of our borders so he decided to investigate. As Captain, he thought it was his duty to let his men enjoy themselves after a hard day working.” Nova nods “A small privilege that will be made redundant when the war is in full force. We should all appreciate that while we can as it can all change with the change of the wind.” Again, Ren glances at the women sceptically, wondering just how much about their enemy she knows and why she is keeping them in the dark about them.

The corners of her lips twitch at the sounds of the small warrior roaring, running around the Great Hall with a big cake and laughing hysterically as Ricorn attempts to make sure that she doesn’t hurt herself as Tarius had lost sight of her the moment that food started flying around the room. The young warrior has a mischievous glint in her eyes as she tries to sneak up on Rius whilst Seira army crawls along the floor to throw cream over Sting.

Rius, hearing as well as seeing Ophi descending on her, quickly crouches as Ophi leaps high into the air with her cake covered hands outstretched and misses Rius as she flies through the Great Hall. Seira unfortunately chose that time to attack Sting with the cream but instead Sting moved out of the way resulting in the small warrior flying into Seira as the cream covers both of them as the other Zodiac warrior erupt into laughter.

Ren watches Nova, seeing the admiration in her dark eyes, understanding how much she cares for her warriors.

“We must care for those under our authority and listen them, otherwise how can we expect to follow our orders and even to follow us into battle?” Nova casts her eyes towards the ceiling of the Great Hall, taking in the markings on the wall. As she talks, it seems as though all of the noise and excitement around the pair is mute. “We must be strong and fight side-by-side with our men even if it means certain death.” Lazily turning her head to the side, Nova looks at the prince.

The End

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