Chapter 2.3*Mature

A fresh dress awaits Nova when she returns. The black lace is spread out across her bed. Gratefully, Nova changes, letting the silky material brush against her pale skin.

Walking down the castles marble steps, Nova stops before the last one. Her black eyes look across her Zodiac warriors as she tilts her head to the side. The scene in front of her reminds Nova of the many times previous when they had to visit the land of the mortals for one reason or another. All of them wear freshly washed clothes, bowing their head respectfully to the goddess they are destined to protect for as long as they continue to exist.

“My goddess, you look beautiful. We were worried after training when we found that you were no longer with us.” Nova gazes at Leonardo, raising a single brow. The corner of his lips twitch as he remembers the fun he had training hours previous, but he attempts to cover it by running his hands through his orange mane. Nova slightly narrows her eyes, making the lion warrior avoid her gaze, his hand nervously fiddling with the hilt of his broad sword but never dropping his cocky grin. “I guess the mortal prince told you about what happened at training. It’s not our fault that these mortals can’t handle us going easy on them-”  

“Lockwood did not tell me anything, I felt the change in the atmosphere as did others. And do not be so egotistical Leo, they have never experienced your type of power before and there was no need to unleash it today.” Nova mumbles whilst walking past her warriors and towards the Great Hall. “I am very surprised at you Ricorn, I thought you would know better.” Ricorn lowers his head, ashamed at his goddess’s disappointment. No matter how quiet Nova speaks, all around her are captivated by her every word, memorised by her every move. Rius smugly smiles at Leo sticking out her tongue at him before following her goddess with the other Zodiacs.

“Lady Nova, that dress looks so pretty!” Ophi smiles, tightly gripping her hand as she gazes up at her. “And so do you my dear Ophi. Tody, you are looking dashing tonight.” Nova smiles back at her, as she strokes Tody’s reptile head. He hisses his thanks to the goddess as he shows off the multi-coloured tie behind his head, his forked tongue lightly licking her hand in appreciation.

Cercan silently stands next to Nova, his Haladie are clearly presented on either side of his hips. “My Lady, I have received news from the deepest depths of the ocean. Hydraulus struggles to tame the wildness of the waves.” Leonardo quietly scoffs receiving a punch for Rius for disrespecting the water God. “It seems as it did before.” Nova’s eyes glaze over slightly as memories quickly flash through her mind of darker days, but with a small nod, the expression vanishes and she thanks Cercan for the information.

“If it seems like before then that means-” Tarius’ words fail him as Nova turns towards her warriors, the atmosphere tightens as the Zodiacs can feel a slight pressure of Nova’s power. Air lightly flicks her long, white hair as she looks at each of her warriors in turn, causing them all to . “Tonight is a night of celebration at our unity with the Lunar Village. There shall be no more talk of times before. Not for tonight at least.” Tarius attempts to interject but Nova raises her hand gracefully. “Mortals need their morale. When they are ready, we shall tell them exactly what type of enemy they face. Now, we relax with them and be merry. Maybe a bit of morale will help us too.”

As they approach the thick wooden doors of the Great Hall, the sound of multiple voices joyfully talking as well as loud laughter greet their ears. “See, I told you that I can eat all of the plumbs before the bowl crashed to the floor.” Suddenly, the sound of plates crashing onto the marble floor is followed by two very familiar voices. “Watch how far I can throw this one!”

Nova turns behind her, mentally counting her warriors before sighing. Shaking her head with a small smile on her lips, Nova pushes the wide door open. The warrior twins steadily stop laughing as they look upon their goddess, their clothes covered in food that they have thrown at each other. Around them sit the wounded NightShadow men covered in bandages, wiping tears from their eyes as they drink heavily from their goblets.

“Lady Nova, we missed you! Hi everyone else!” Gemi waves enthusiastically as she drops another bowl onto the marble floor, her cheeks are a cherry red as a goblet falls from her other hand. “What took you guys so long?” Ni smiles, his face is just as merry as his sisters.

Walking into the centre of the Great Hall, Nova picks up two large pies from a nearby table and takes a long sniff. She looks innocently at the twins, smiling at them. “As you two are having so much fun, it would be rude of me to stop you.” In a swift movement, quicker than a blink of an eye, Nova pushes the pies directly into the faces of her Gemini warriors.

The End

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