Chapter 2.3Mature

With a swift swipe of the sword, the blade cuts into Ren’s brow. Blood steadily trickles down his face as he glares at the smug face of Leonardo. Growling slightly, Ren pushes himself off the ground, his broad sword is aimed at the warrior in front of him. Leonardo easily deflects it, pushing Ren back onto the ground. Breathing heavily, the prince wipes his mouth with the back of his hand as he glares at Leonardo.

“What’s wrong your highness, want to give up already?” Leonardo laughs down at the sweating prince. Ren grits his teeth together, ignoring the protest from his limbs. “Never!” Jumping up, once again Ren rushes forward at Leonardo.

Their swords clash repeatedly as both men push their weight against the others sword, their faces full of determination. The corners of Leonardo’s lips raise at their sparse, as Ren is using the last of his energy in an attempt to beat Leonardo, whilst he has enough energy to keep going for hours.

“If you wish to fight alongside Lady Nova, you will need to be strong. Quicker. Better.” With tight turns, Leonardo brings his sword heavily down on the princes who is now breathing heavily. “You need to be prepared for anything and everything.” Ren attempts to swipe Leonardo’s legs out from under him but the warrior easily jumps over the attack.

Cockily, Leonardo pushes his wild mane out of his eyes as he looks around the stadium lazily as he blocks Ren’s attacks. Getting more and more agitated, Ren swipes and slashes at his opponent faster and with more powerful movements making Leonardo slightly impressed. He’s skilful. For a human.

Pulling out a dagger from his boot, Ren swipes at Leonardo before throwing it, missing his head by inches but cutting some of his hair. Leonardo looks in the direction of where the dagger lies. The sound of metal cutting through the air reaches Leonardo’s ears but he moved too slowly to invade the attack fully and Ren’s sword gashes at his right arm. With a swift kick to the face, Ren sends Leonardo crashing to the floor with blood dripping from his lip as Ren pushes his sword away with his foot.

“You were saying?” Walking towards Leonardo, Ren smiles smugly as he presses his sword against Leonardo’s neck. The warrior on the ground glares at the prince standing in front of him as he wipes the blood away from his lip with the back of his hand. Leonardo laughs, his eyes sparkling mischievously. “Do you really think that you will be able to kill the demons you are going to face in battle by pressing a blade against their neck?” The smug look on Ren’s face wavers at his opponents words before he shakes it off. “I have unarmed you. You have no way of escaping.” Leonardo’s laughter increases as he flashes a dazzling smile at Ren. “What’s so funny Leonardo?”

The warrior places his hand onto Ren’s blade as he smugly faces him. “I believe it is time to show you my real power.” The atmosphere becomes hotter as Leonardo seems to glow a faint red. “I told you that you should be prepared for anything.”

A blinding ball of red light fills the stadium, causing all of the NightShadow knights and the Zodiacs to stare in the direction of where Ren and Leonardo were previously sparing. A wide smile spreads across Rius’ face as she twirls her daggers between her fingers in both hands. “Now this is getting fun!” Turning to Siera, they exchange glances before Rius’ body being consumed by a blue light and Siera radiates a bright orange light around her as she giggles.

Tarius nods towards the lights, feeling his fellow Zodiacs powers as he walks directly in front of his archers. A soft green light begins to manifest around his body whilst, stroking his goatee, Ricorn secures his weapons on his person before he is consumed with a green light.

Gemi and Ni smile enthusiastically, carelessly throwing their war hammers to the sides as the high five each other. “Finally!” “Well we can’t leave Brother Leo with all the fun now can we?” A bright silver glow radiates from the twins as they laugh at the shocked faces of their team of NightShadow soldiers.

Isorropia and Cercan stand either side of Rexrus. Rexrus clicks his neck as a deep green light covers him. A bright silver light consumes Isorropia as she tilts her head to the side, her light grey eyes staring at members of NightShadow. Cercan smiles brightly at them as a bright blue light covers his body.

“What the stars is going on down there?” The NightShadow assassins watch the Zodiac warriors glow with the strange bright lights, confused at the sudden increase of powerful energy building within the stadium. Sting soundlessly lands in front of them, scowling at the men, crossing her arms and shaking her head. “She found us again.” They curse under their breath as a dark blue aura lights around Sting and her dark clothing.

Captain Lucian Ash protectively stands in front of the small figure of Vi who stares at the bright lights with wide emerald green doe eyes. Vi puts her shaking hands on Lucian’s arm, drawing his attention towards her. His eyes soften at the vulnerable looking Vi. “I’ll protect you, don’t worry.” A small smile spreads across Vi’s as her demeanour changes from a scared little girl to a powerful warrior with a light green aura steadily growing stronger around her.

Giggling, the dress hangs off the thin body of the Seer as the old hands clap gleefully. “And so the Zodiacs give us a glimpse of their power. What do suppose we do my King?”

The End

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