Chapter 2.2**Mature

With the sight of the gods, Nova can see the wind goddess perfectly, even in her spirit form. As they stroll out of the stadium, Nova glances at her fellow Goddess, wondering the exact reason why Iris has decided to turn up now. Her light blue hair spikes out from her head and her eyes are a bright white. The dress she wears trails gracefully down to her feet, moving softly like the clouds in the sky as she walks. Every now and then, a gently breeze greets the goddess, causing her to giggle and whisper secrets back to it.

Iris is the Goddess of wind, and as such has the ability to control the air and become it herself. As this enables her to fly through the sky, she is notoriously known for being the first to hear news. That, and she loves to gossip around the world. Often being called the Messenger, Iris tends to have a hands-on relationship with mortals by walking in both spirit, animal and human form on the earth, even when they do not know that she is ever there. The soft breezes that come and go are her cloud nymphs who work with her to spread rumours to the heavens as well as using their other abilities for many other tasks.

“Brother Terra is not best pleased with you.” Iris giggles, lowering her voice whilst she throws her head back as she playfully hits Nova’s arm. “My nymphs tell me that when you return, he plans to cause all of the plants to grow so that no one will ever be able to see the sky again. Without you, all his plants are dying. But you are well aware that that is the least of our problems.” Even with Iris’s soft smile, her eyes are oddly serious as she glances at Nova’s face.

“Brother Terra knows exactly why I am here. He is the one who told me of all the destruction our Brother Sol was doing to this earth. Refrain from trying to stir up trouble Iris, there is enough of it rising already.”  The air goddess laughs causing the wind to chase itself in a spiral with fallen leaves caught up in its fun. “Oh what is a few squabbles between family?” Nova tilts her head to the side, giving Iris a firm stare. “Okay, okay. I will be good.” Iris surrenders with a deep sigh, holding her hands in the air with a dazzling smile on her face as her eyes sparkle playfully.

 “Everyone is so uptight recently, I thought that a little gossip could help encourage them to laugh and relax. There is even a rumour that the reason why you have been in human form for so long is because you have fallen for a human man.” Iris’s eyes sparkle slightly as she watches her sister goddess. “I have not fallen for a human man Iris.” The air around them is warm, almost as if it were excited. “Oh? Does that mean that you have fallen for a female human? Been a while since I have had one myself...” Nova gives the goddess a blank stare as she raises a slender eyebrow causing Iris to roll her eyes pouting. “Fine, I shall stop teasing now.”

“What news have you Iris?” The air goddess rests her arms at her sides, her face becoming uncharacteristically serious. “We think that we know why Brother Sol has caused so much destruction. It is because of Raine.”  Together, the goddesses look up at the empty sky, both of them deep in thought. “We need you to take your rightful place with us Nova. If a war breaks out, we need all of the gods working together from the heavens. Alone we are strong but together we are near unstoppable. We need to protect each other. As a family.”

“No.” Nova moves away from her sister goddess. “We need to protect them.” Following Nova’s gaze, a soft smile touches Iris’ face. “They are our family too and I will not permit Brother Sol to cause these people any more unnecessary pain. I have to at least attempt to prevent their complete destruction before our beloved brother forces the growing power, which has been gathering at a rapid pace, to come crashing down onto these innocent humans.”
“That does not surprise me Sister Nova, you always have looked out for them, even when they turned against us all those years ago.” A ghostly hand lightly touches Nova’s shoulder before it softly disappears. “Let us hope those mortals do not get you killed. Be careful.” Iris mutters to the wind as she vanishes back to the realm of the gods to update them.

Nova glances up at the sky, wondering if the mortals really will be ready in time for the battle she foresaw with the Seer. The increasing animal attacks prove that they can sense the ever-growing forces being collected and that they are scared. With Brother Sol being on the evil side, they have every right to be. Everyone does.

The End

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