Chapter 2.2*Mature

All around the stadium the knights are being trained by Nova’s warriors. Sting has taken the assassins to learn her ways in an unknown location.

Looking up at the sky, the goddess can see only a few stars shine down, desperately attempting to create as much light as they can, for as long as they can, before burning out. Nova places her hand onto Ophi’s head, making the girl stop trying to separate Tody from his tail as she smiles up at her Goddess. “Do you think they will be ready in time?” Her wide eyes blink up at Nova, an optimistic smile on her face.

Tilting her head to the side, Nova casts her gaze at the training men as she becomes deep with thought. Leonardo is having one-to-one training with Ren and it seems like he is already pushing him beyond his limits whereas the twins seem to be recklessly smashing through walls of the stadium and getting the knights to dodge the rubble they are causing. Rius looks annoyed as she flings dagger after dagger towards her selected group with inhuman speed whilst Siera laughs at their attempts to miss the sharp blades against their unprotected skin. Tarius is training a team of archers, getting them to shoot at target of various sizes moving at different speed, from a variety of distances. His face is set in a grim look at he shakes his head as time after time, the knights miss their targets.  Ricorn is training his team close battle confrontation. Ricorn strokes his goatee as he watches their movements with their spears and short swords. Frowning, he calls them to gather around him for another demonstration, worry circling his heart.

“No Ophi. These men won’t be ready.” Sces soundlessly walks towards Nova and Ophi, bringing Nova’s attention with her. Sces’ arms are folded and the hood over her face makes it impossible to see her expression but her tone is full of doubt. “But they’ve never had to train against the demons we are prepared for.” Ophi mutters, softly smiling as she looks up at her comrade before trickling Tody on the head, giggling as his tongue licks the palms of her hands.

“Sces, do not be so critical my hooded warrior. I know that you can see their potential.” Ophi nods enthusiastically “Yeah Sces, they just need more time! Let’s go get some refreshments for everyone!” With gentle laughter Ophi runs back to the castle followed by a sighing Sces, her blue hood flowing as she breaks into a sprint to reach the young girl.

Tilting her head to the side, Nova knows that soon she will have to tell the mortals exactly how real the demons they will be fighting their lives for are. They Ned time right now. Time to train like normal men whilst Nova’s warriors increase their abilities. Watching Leonardo spare with Prince Ren threatens a smile to tug at the corners of the goddess’s lips as she can see that both of their egos are prolonging their training as neither wants to lose to the other. It’s pointless at this stage. Even though Ren is well-trained,  Leonardo is Leo, leader of the Zodiacs and one of Nova’s finest warriors. Leo’s skills and experience vastly overshadows Ren’s, and that’s without using the magic within him.

Hours pass and time stretches on with hardly any rests. The men have worked long and hard but unfortunately have only made minimalistic progress.

Closing her eyes, Nova ignores the sounds of the NightShadow men training with her warriors as a soft breeze plays with her hair and lightly wraps itself around her like an embrace. "I have heard much since you have been gone, my Sister." The wind whispers. “Iris, goddess of wind, what do you make of the Lunar Village’s NightShadow men, Sister?” Smiling softly, Nova looks upon Iris.

"I am sure that the Zodiacs show them what the mortals what they can really do." The air's laugh brushes through the branches of the trees. Nova tilts her head to the side as her eyes gaze at her warriors before nodding. The wind wraps itself around Nova's right hand as if there were someone reaching out to her. "It is time that we talk Nova."  


The End

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