Chapter 2.2Mature

The crisp breeze travels throughout the Lunar Village, wrapping itself around the group of people standing outside in the large Lunar stadium. Standing proudly, Captain Lucian Ash puffs out his broad chest with a large smile spread on his face as Nova and her warriors watch Lucian’s men training against each other with various weapons. “These are the best soldiers in all of the world!”

Frowning, Nova casts her eyes across the NightShadow knights. “Something bothering you Lady Nova?” The sweaty figure of Prince Ren walks towards them, holding his sword above his head. He smiles softly, his eyes briefly resting on Nova before looking at Captain Lucian. “She is obviously in shock at the quality and skill which my men possess.” Lucian laughs, lightly slapping the prince on the back.  

“No I am not.” Their laughter subsides as they register Nova’s words. A mixture between confusion and then anger passes on their faces at the insult. “Lady Nova, I can assure you that my men-” Casting her gaze away from those training, Nova tilts her head at Ren and the Captain. “Your men have sloppy movements which are weakly executed. Their route is easy to predict.” Some of the men who are taking a break from their training are gathering around the moon goddess and her warriors with angered expressions.

“Who does she think she is?” “We’re the best in the whole world!” “Why are we listening to this bull?”

Ren holds up a hand, silencing the knights. “Lady Nova, I understand that your warriors are powerful but they have different fighting styles to the men who protect the Lunar Village. I can assure you that we have the finest men at our disposal and are training is highly talk of across the land. As well as the knights, we have assassins too. There is no need to worry.” Nova tilts her head to the side, looking towards the tress. “I can see your assassins.”

Suddenly bodies dressed in black cloth fall from the trees, clearly unconscious. The Lunar Village stares at them with gaping jaws and eyes wide.

Gracefully jumping down from the largest tree is Sting. She walks towards the group, standing alongside her fellow warriors. “I spotted your men as soon as they arrived. If I were an enemy they would be dead instead of unconscious.”

“You-You managed to sneak up and take all of them out?” One of the knights stares with wide eyes, astonished at Sting being the first person ever to even come close to accomplishing that.

“Of course she did, Sting is the master of stealth.” Ophi laughs gleefully smiling at Sting who gives her a respectful nod. “Your men had no chance. They need to get better at hide and seek. Tody stop biting your tail, your teeth will hurt you one of these days.” Ophi wanders towards a nearby tree, her hands constantly attempting to break the cycle her and her snake friend.

Glaring slightly due to his hurt ego, Captain Lucian crosses his large arms across his broad chest. Ren sniggers at his friends behaviour before turning towards Sting. “What do you suppose we do then warrior Sting?”

Nova laughs softly, walking towards the centre of the stadium. “We are going to train you and the Lunar Village knights of course.”

The End

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