Chapter 2.1Mature

Gently squeezing her arms,  Ren pulls her slightly closer, his eyes watching her.

Nova’s plumb lips pout as her other hand touches his chest. Lightly gripping his shirt, Nova is inches away from him, her eyes sad. “You hold so much pain.” She whispers, her breath lightly brushing his lips. Without realising, Ren closes his eyes as he pulls Nova even closer.

“Ren, what are you doing in that fountain?” Ren opens his eyes, confused about the lack of Nova’s presence near him. Lucian smiles in a cheeky manner, leaning against a nearby tree as he watches Ren slowly get to his feet. Unknown to Ren, after leaving his bedchamber, Lucian entered to see how the prince was coping. As soon as he saw that the bed was empty, Lucian ordered his men to search for him, not wanting the prince to be on another one of his solo missions after the mysterious arsonist without telling anyone. Finding him so soon, and all in one piece, the Captain relaxes inside.

Climbing out of the fountain, Ren’s eyes scan for the strange white haired Lady Nova who is now nowhere in sight. He doesn’t even feel the dampness of his clothes as the cold wind brushes past him. All his thoughts are on her.

“I fancied a stroll and ended up in the fountain, trying to figure out why Lady Nova and her warriors felt so obliged to touch.” Ren shrugs to the Captain, trying to make his actions natural but Lucian can tell otherwise. Instead of pushing the prince into telling, Captain Ash laughs loudly, moving away from the tree he was leaning against. “Yeah, they are pretty strange aren’t they?” He scratches his chin as if in deep thought.  “Could be a custom thing. Where did you say that you met them?”

Rubbing his eyes, drowsiness starts to call to Ren. “They were at the site of the last fire attack. Nova was amongst the rubble whilst her warriors seemed to appear from nowhere. Apparently they were meant to leave her to stop whomever is creating said fires via a solo mission, but they followed.” Lucian laughs, shaking his head as he begins to led the Lockwood prince back towards the medieval castle. “She sounds like someone else I know.”

After saying goodnight, Captain Lucian Ash can’t help the questions which fill his head about the Luna Village’s mysterious guests. One thing is for sure though, he needs to find out exactly what they are planning to do, for all he knows, they could be a serious threat to Ren and the rest of the Lunar Village. And if they are, then the Captain must follow his duties and eradicate the situation. Even if he loves to make Vi turn a deep scarlet with just one look.

The End

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