Chapter 2 - First Signs of Storm.Mature

Insomnia nags at Ren Lockwood as he lays in his grand four poster bed, his thoughts are on his father. A deep frown sculpts the prince’s face as he get to his feet, slamming the wooden door of his bedchamber behind him as his feet take him down the cold black marble steps.

Before he became aware of it, his insomnia has led him into the garden where his mother used to take him before the illness grew too much for her. Memories of a five year old Ren, running around the garden laughing whilst his mother chases him fills his mind. A sad smile touches his face as he can remember everything so perfectly, almost if he is actually reliving it again, but his mother’s face is blurred from time. They used to play for hours and when little Ren was too tired to run, she would run her fingers through his hair as she whispered to him stories.

Looking up into the dark sky, he remembers her voice as she told him about the Gods. Ren would always insist on being told about the Moon Goddess, whose beauty and power over shone all others, helping those who looked to the stars for guidance and destroying the enemies of those who put their faith in her.

The last day, before she got ill, Ren and his mother were laying amongst the plants. He was listening intently to her every words as she told him a story about the Moon Goddess and the Sun God protecting those living below them during the times of war when the demons roamed the earth, terrorising the people and animals living there. Together, they worked united against the demons. Hand in hand they fought as brother and sister, the fought to protect those they loved and loved them in return. With their combined force, they were unstoppable as they destroyed every last demon, freeing the people of their evil once and for all. Whilst telling the story, King Villiat had come out, smiling as he looked down at his family. His laughter boomed, causing the young Ren to giggle as Villiat pulled his wife onto her feet and kissing her passionately before playing tag with Ren.

“It was so easy then.” Ren says out loud before shaking himself out of his memories, knowing that there is no use dwelling on the past for it is long gone. The Seer taught has been telling him that ever since his mother died.

Sitting down on the fountains wall, Ren runs his fingers through his hair, his eyes closed as his inner demons taunt him. Silently, he wishes the goddess of his people were here. With the moon goddess being around, he knows that she would be able to show him the way. That she will give him strength.

Shaking himself away from his wishes, Ren cups the fountains cool water in his hands, splashing his face with it. His hands reach to do it again but stop mid-air when something catches his eye.

Over by the side of the stone wolf is a blackened figure in the water. Moving closer, Ren glimpses the long white hair which he has come to be familiar to in such a short time of knowing her. Climbing into the fountain after her yet again, he slowly walks over to Nova, wondering what she is doing.

Her eyes are closed as she lays against the stone wolf, her hand against its side as if she fell asleep whilst petting a real wolf. Ren suspects that the trails of water down Nova’s face is from the fountain.

“You should be resting Lockwood.” Her musical voice mutters, making a smile touch Ren’s face, momentarily causing Ren to forget about his past troubles. “And I see that you have been. You do realise that you have a bedchamber and that you don’t need to slumber in the fountain.” A laugh threatens to escape his mouth but it gets stopped as Nova flutters her eyes open, looking at him curiously. “Is sleeping in water so unnatural?” Sitting down next to her, Ren laughs, shaking his head and causing the water to flick out from it. “Not for fish. People usually slumber somewhere dryer, like in our beds.” Closing her eyes again, Nova rests her head on Ren’s shoulder, a small smile on her pale face.

“How was your vision with the Seer? Did you get the answers you were looking for?” Opening her eyes again, she moves away from Ren, pulling her legs against her chest as she rests her chin on her knees. Her eyes turn darker as her fists clench. Exhaling slowly, she unclenches her fists, her eyes looking at the sky. The darkness in them seems impossibly black now unlike the usual sparkles they hold.

“The Seer showed me pain and bloodshed. This war that has been building for years is going to soon announce itself. All we can do is fight through it and finish our mission before he goes too far.” Moving closer to her, Ren can hear the tension in her voice which worries him. “Then we can go home.” Nova is normally neutral, not giving anything away with her tone or from her facial expressions but he can tell how much this is bothering the beautiful lady full of secrets. “You said, ‘before he goes too far’. Is he the one causing those fires?” She nods, trapped in her thoughts. The muscle in Ren’s jaw tightens.

He grips her shoulders, making her face him. “You have to tell me who he is Nova! I have to stop him!”

Nova escapes her thoughts, looking into Ren’s face,. Nova blinks a few times before her eyes register Ren in front of her, her black eyes soften as the sparkle slowly returns. Slowly, she moves her legs away from her chest as she moves closer to him, her hand touching his cheek as she brings her face closer to his.

The End

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